rosemary loves a blackberry – snowfake

Artist: rosemary loves a blackberry
Title: snowfake
Keywords: despotism experimental dark darkness glitter goblin haunting russia silent snowflakes Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard

Be aware of the vague language ahead as even though the music is excellent in accessibility, I just feel like I need to be throw in some vagueness. Let’s go:
To dance only is as if a dream had come to life, trampling over the lines of pure aromatic divinity. Electronic layers of music spread out like cool mushrooms in my garden, a army of softness that is trembled upon by light feet of a dreamy vocal of a female person that sings in temptational forms in a language that is to me unknown. It isn’t a problem, only adds to the dreamy atmospheric conditions that makes this release into something that provokes to wear sunglasses at night & persuades the bouncy feeling of sitting on a niche of soft pillows, while getting a massage: it makes you feel cool and good.

The music continues in this order, with rattling rhythms, loungable cold beats and feverish hotness in vocal style. It’s like a level that hangs somewhere within a dream and something that balances it self more like a ballerina in the fairy world. I wonder how this provider of girlish dreams had ended up to release with the legendary Smikkelbaard label, perhaps this isn’t real and just a imaginary release coming out of the fact that I’ve been drinking early again? In any case; the beats will swipe anyone that can hear it up, and everyone into electro pop that are quite sick of the likes of ladytron and want something more underground; make a welcoming bow to your newly found goddess!

I don’t know anything about this music, where it’s coming from (besides the internet and a specific place on bandcamp), I don’t know who made it and in what purpose these tunes have come to life for; but I do think they have that elegant touch to be happy, endorsing that feeling of being half asleep and slammed in the face by something that tells you to wake up: A complete complex feeling, yet not at all unpleasant.

It inspires me somehow to travel back to smikkelbaard more often, as it has always kept its promise to bring releases that will surprise the ears & in this case I feel they might have not only done that; they also have brought some audio gold to the table. Lush electronic music they has huge potential to cultivate a large fan base; where do I sign up? I’ve cleaned up a entire house while tiptoeing respectively on the sounds that this release provided & I’m grateful for the fine music and also for another courages act of discovering it… let me share this pleasure with you as I raise my drink in the air and say cheers! Cheers!

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