Olivia Block – Heave To

Artist: Olivia Block
Title: Heave To
Keywords: experimental electroacoustic electronic heave to olivia block sound Chicago

Thanks to a suggestion dropped by Feminatronic my ears got sucked into a very spacious and fantastical release that made my world go upside down. It was as if a pleasant tornado had rocked the land and blew everything up in the air. But instead of it being scary, it was a way of getting things together, twirling around in circles with what sounded like a entire orchestra.

They somehow stayed in their seats and flew in this massive circle of stormy activity, adding the right tension and melodic tensions to something that might have been otherwise probably pretty terrifying. Now it has become a fascinating audio trip in which we could expand our ears for the best experience & flow about in this phenomena of Mother Nature and it’s musical inhabitants.

Raindrops might make us all wet, flying rubbish might bump into us as we twirl around too; but somehow it sounds like a safe exposure that is full of excitement and probably delivering a higher thrill than going for a case of listening to some fanatic thrill seeker doing a bungee jump.

In the end the music directs us al to safety, not only giving us a amazing thrilling audio experience that felt as being with a microphone and recording device in the middle of this musical tornado, but also as a feel good experience that we are all able to survive without damage to either our ears, clothes and mentality. I’m happy to shove you towards this natural phenomenon of audio and music:

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