Skittish – Better Out Than In

Artist: Skittish
Title: Better Out Than In
Keywords: alternative minnesota music catchy dramatic folk rock indie indie pop indie rock introverted love upbeat Minneapolis

Is it just my imagination or did we have send in something that felt like it would fit in with the family entertainment value of YIKIS classic quirky upbeat entertainment from our music friend Monkey Warhol? This is not him, but it is Skittish the band from Minneapolis, Minnesota & considering how it is sounding we can easily conclude that it is much healthier to hear than eating skittles & much more pleasant than discovering skit marks in your underpants!

The upbeat positive vibes of this release, the big production of pop rock happiness with essence on the vocals and the happy go lucky -no bad words aloud! expressions really seem to work for anyone that have reached the legal age of being able to watch the Muppet Show in peace. In other words Skittish Seems to be child friendly, even though the music seduces to grow a beard, secretly glorifies the act of robbing a bank, it also manages to sneak in the happy message that after boring nights good mornings will come. Positive vibes with slight naughty roads implanted in such subtle ways that concerned parents might not even notices the sweet calls of creative rebellion.

The message of creating and destroying also goes hand in hand, nicely blended in with the message of life being so good. Listening to this album makes it hard to feel depressed, and even if you are a complete scumbag you will probably find something here to feel happy and positive about. Even if the music is simply not your thing; the moment that you will switch it off (after a firm amount of play time) could possible generate a very satisfying feeling as well, you see?

But yeah, why turning off if you could finally bring your entire family into the music listening room? Enjoy the act of listening to music together! It’s fun! And if you don’t have a family, you might just need to get a random one, just so to experience this release in a state of all ages togetherness. The inner child will love what it will hear, even if they didn’t ask for it and you have gone all psycho by holding a random family at gunpoint. The message in their tune ‘don’t count me out’ of everybody needing a hero & everyone needing a extra’ might also apply to every once in a while it being good to take up the part of being a crazed villain that forces this likable album into multiple ears as a offer that nobody can refuse.

The band page of Skittish tells it all; Skittish is folk rock…with thorns. They are all nice and lovable, having good messages sealed in their output and yet have also some Pippi Longstocking actions knitted in. We are all crazy: they rub it all in through such subtle ways. Offering you a cigarette and a drink when you don’t expect it. Infiltrate the ideas of making noises in the street while everyone else sleeps or trembling the plants in the forest while pretending to be a dinosaur. Skittish is kind, generous and laced with lovingly undermining tendencies that are all dressed up in happy or prettily produced song experiences.

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