HuorrouH – (Bullshit Machine)

Artist: HuorrouH
Title: (Bullshit Machine)
Keywords: electronic experimental metal metalcore rock rock n’ roll punk punk rock Denmark

The creative person behind HuorrouH is doing well; making things, paintings, animating animations, publishing art books, writing songs, tunes and whatnot! The latest escapade is a ‘single’, not a relationship status but you know the one that you could name the release of a single song. It’s not just a song, it’s one that evidently tells a lot about this artist and his creative process. Within it we can enjoy him expressing that his face feels like it is melting while desperately working hard in his musical laboratory to write that hit song that he had always wanted to write. It’s not a pleasant thing if your face melts, yet when it appears to happen to someone else their face it’s not at all such a unpleasant experience. Especially if you are a sadist.

The honesty and the insight that this single gives us is pretty remarkable. It does not just bring the feeling of the artist sweating his ass off while working on finding the right pop song formula, or shows us the image of him scratching his head wandering where the rhyming words had gone that he had cleverly thought off before; you can just see it all happening if you look close and deep into the music and song on its own. Treat it like the glass bowl of a fortune teller to sneak in your curious nose for another person’s struggle. And that it is not just your average joe or Jill, but the crazily occupied artist that HuorrouH is will make it all even much more exciting!

The fun thing is while writing a uptempo tune with fun guitar riffs singing about this attempt in writing a memorable good song, he actually creates one while doing it. Sometimes you can’t simply control the creative process as it goes in mysterious ways and is quite unpredictable! The only thing that is missing is you, the adorable and all supporting listener: play this single loud and on repeat and make it into the hit that it so much deserves to be!

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