Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg – Flight of the Raven

Artist: Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg
Title: Flight of the Raven
Keywords: alternative experimental dark ambient noise ethereal neo-folk norse occult orchestral witch house United States
Label: Venus Aeon

Listening to this release felt like playing some kind of role play. I was either the warrior of some ancient country, perhaps a knight or a courageous princess, a strong stallion, a curious wizard, perhaps a adventurous goblin, a wicked witch or something else along this route of characters that you could find in books, games and movies about heroes and heroines. The music just wiped open this world in which adventure flourishes and we could be who we fancied to be, other than our normal selves. The drums, the strings and even the voice that tells us something as it all plays along within this music feels like being in a story time situation in which playing dress up is something that feels like the thing to do.

Some chapters are easily pointed out, like the one in which we are encountering the ‘thundergod’. The excitement is everywhere as all eyes are in the sky when this scene pops up to our interactive fairytale discovery. Crashes cling and clang, original horns shatter through the skyline and guitars ring our bells of interest. When I close my eyes I see myself holding up my sword, my magic wand, wonderful hairbrush, my hooves, my voodoo doll, my spear, or my poisonous apple into the light of thunder and let the music empower it. What a exciting cast this music would make us be!

Flight of the raven is the next chapter in which the adventure reaches our imagination. Here we can fly on the back of this gigantic bird, point to it from the ground, be this raven ourselves or just wade around in a gorgeous gothic attire and dance our satin costume over the piano tones that this part seem to be so nicely decorated with. How cool is that? Music that gives us heroic fairy powers to be and to do whatever we feel like doing. The funk in this music brings us from villages to bar brawls, to Druid shops and whatever else fantastical would pop in your mind as this music plays.

All the way at the end, this storyline could chill out, making us sit in whatever the theatrical characters that we are and relax after our long crafted self inflicted adventure. Maybe we do some magic, ride our horsey in to the sunset, marry someone in a castle, cook some food in our tent, share some goblin bread with our forest friends, sleep under the great skies as clouds form imaginative shapes; all is possible, just add the music and a good portion of your own imagination.

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