Sea of Poppies – Sea of Poppies

Artist: Sea of Poppies
Title: Sea of Poppies
Keywords: czech republic experimental czech harsh noise harshnoise industrial noise Czechia

Let’s dive into this sea of poppies and get perfectly annihilated, as this is not just some water with some salt; it’s more like being eaten up, while having our skin removed first through the contact of some extreme sound substances. Everything gets blown off in a harsh matter, leaving our bones perfectly clean and healthy, yet nothing very much else seems to be able to flourish after our little swim in this burning sensation. People might be taking swims in something called the Dead Sea, but trust me the sea of poppies has much more right to claim this name.

It does work in its violent nature as while it removes our facial and skin identifications, organs and all the working parts of our body: it does make all that swim in it equals. As when this sea is finished with us and having done its business, only thing we are left with is us in our beautiful skeleton suits. It’s a sound bath that leaves us all as equals, strips us from classism, sexism, racism or any other isms by just turning us in a bunch of bones. How nice! Yet it’s efficiency could come across as being pretty shocking, but don’t worry as when everything gets pulverized and shredded away; the removal of the ears would be least of your concern. A nice splash of hiss and harsh noise will be the last thing we will ever hear and that’s perfectly alright!

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