Split by Royal Hungarian Noisemakers / Stigmatic Destruction

Artists: Royal Hungarian Noisemakers / Stigmatic Destruction
Title: Split by Royal Hungarian Noisemakers / Stigmatic Destruction
Label: Floppy Kickhttp://floppykickrecords.blogspot.com/

First I’m hearing music as it’s probably not intended; in high lossless Wave format! I suspect it to be on the physical release as captured on a fine floppy diskette to be much more fluffy and lying low in the comfort zone that only low fidelity could give, but to be fair; the music by the Royal Hungarian Noisemakers is not reliant on the bitrate, as it’s neither cold or any less fluffy than I expect the Lobit encoded versions would sounded like. In fact it is pretty useful and kind to hear it in a lossless format first as it gives a full on experience of what these Royal Hungarian Noisemakers are up to and what kind of audio tricks they have up their potent sleeves! It’s like a look behind the scenes, a peek in the kitchen to see how they cook up their meal!

And my goodness, the Royal Hungarian Noisemakers certainly do not disappoint over here within their part of this floppy split. It feels like it’s a live recording, including a surprised audience that sounds as if it’s stunned by the quality blast that the Royal Hungarian Noisemakers have blown their hairs dry with. They are certainly loud, but somehow not harsh, more like a structured pastry that is dense and kind, yet makes the ears clean from any unhygienic obstructions.

Thanks to the people behind this digital version of the release the actual Lobit version of this work by Royal Hungarian Noisemakers is also included. We can hear the instant difference, sounding still very deep and dense, but more comforting in subtle ways. I like the crunchy bits, how it all becomes more crackling and wooden. It might be hard to describe, but this sound and style feels much more pleasant to the ears and oddly makes me feel like having a pleasant Christmas Day. It feels like sitting next to a fire, while staring out of the window where snow pushers are working hard in the cold to clear the road, while we are being warm and cozy in the heath. Not at all unpleasant, in fact; it’s super pleasant!

Stigmatic Destruction is the team mate on this floppy & its lossless track feels like it is very much made to be that way. I can’t really imagine it being made for Lobit but who knows what kind of genius brain is behind this artistic spooky audio collage. In any case, the high quality version is top notch; very creepy, as if we are in a possessed hair dresser shop in which cutters are cutting by themselves and the empty howls of lost customers are balancing themselves from the walls and the roof. It’s haunting, yet in a way that it intrigues and inspires to stick around and hear more of these happenings.

But than after this comes the real surprise to me; as I might have had a hard head in believing that this work was made to fit the low fidelity bitrate as used to make it work on the floppy; it is surprisingly better! In fact it sounds much, much, much better. The low sound quality makes it all as if it’s coming out of a old time radio station, but also the higher frequency seems to be cut off which makes it all sound much smoother, warmer and more laid out for bringing comfort to the ears. Now the spirits and ghosts in this recording don’t seem to be coming from a hair dresser’s place, but from a long lost time in which they have not only come back to life to haunt you, but also to give you a sensible audio massage that feels utterly relaxing and very, very, very pleasant!

Conclusion? You have got to get your hands on the physical floppy split between Royal Hungarian Noisemakers and Stigmatic Destruction. Not only is it a amazing thing to have in your collection, this actual digital version over here at the bandcamp page is actual proof that the Lobit encoded version thrive far more than the highest lossless ones. But as you might, or might not know; bandcamp isn’t very Lobit friendly, so these 16kbps versions as being able to be heard here aren’t exactly the same thing as the beauties that are captured on these actual floppy disks! Get the real thing! It’s the best thing to hear, looks and sound the best and you support the underground financially too! It can’t get any better, really!

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