Collaboration project – Houdini Mansions – House of Cake

Hello dear readers, welcome at our humble abode of oddities where the motto of sharing is caring has been held high in the sky. Today within this post we have something really interesting for you. A few track excursions from a collaboration project unlike anything else. All brought to us by the kind folk of Houdini Mansions and their project name ‘House of Cake’. I expect there to be much more to come, but the three tracks over here are already massive enough to sit down and sink away in. Shall I talk you through them? Alright, you ask for it so here we go:

Artists: Petridisch, Garrett Vandenberg, Cryostasium
Title: The Craving
Keywords: experimental noise acoustic ambient cake creepy noise Easley
Label: Houdini Mansions

This ‘The Craving’ feels like a old fashioned radio play, however the collage of retro voices aren’t present to tell us a complete story, but form more a layer to the more telling sounds of the mysterious sounding music that grows up like a sensational holistic ritual. With humbling mantras of grotesque order and tones that are deep and dense, the craving does its best to make the ears drip in suspense. The bright piano tones that sparkle lightly within it are there seemingly to find the right balance; forming the glazed topping that makes the majestic scare of the darker tones more comfortable to the hearing department.

The unexpected noises that come across as if a secretive alien life form had itself infiltrated into the recording equipment are doing its best to keep us listeners triggered and intensely interested. It’s a intriguing happening of togetherness, a ordeal in which angst sweat was gathered in my hands upon listening, yet I kept on doing it in a (I must say) pleasant way. There is something dark and surrealist happening in this craving over here, a cool collaborative effort between Garrett Vandenberg, Petridisch and Cryostasium that will automatically make your mind want to hear a next chapter coming out of the trio’s creative hands.

Artists: Malocculsion & Arvo Zylo ft. Sceptre Fretpen
Title: Gnawing Thoughts
Keywords: experimental acoustic ambient electronica experimental electronic noise Easley
Label: Houdini Mansions

This is an extraordinary piece, one that is wet and wild, unpredictable and very much alive. It’s as if someone is mixing a underwater deep dive with funk jazz from alienating origins. You could hear a melting pot of mumbling news, rattling electric buzzes, drums that are druggy and strategically tight all while creating the feeling of being sucked into a big drainage pipe towards the bottom of oceanic unknowns. It’s as if the collaboration between Malocculsion & Arvo Zylo ft. Sceptre Fretpen have made me somehow into a diver, including scuba gear and launched my ears into a location that is watery and electrically loaded at the same time. When it suddenly stops it feels like these artist had left me hanging in there without a solution to get out and dry up in a place that is familiar and known. It also made me realize how quickly they made 7 minutes pass by; so much to hear and explore and yet the cliffhanger ending… how could they do that to us? Definitely need to hear more of this adventure!

Artists: C. Moody Crews & Even Wolves
Title: Icing Wraiths
Keywords: experimental acoustic ambient experimental electronic noise Easley
Label: Houdini Mansions

The last and latest available collaboration over at Houdini Mansions’s House of Cake project is another one for the books. Here we can relax and chill out while the head is spun upon with a treatment of audio happenings that jump up and down, do naughty things in your inner ears like mice that celebrate that they have no cats around. With a vast amount of calming drone music as their homely home, these audio creatures dance respectively on the table, roll around and flubber their enigmatic tails like little acrobats that have the spacious place for their very own. To me it’s a lighthearted joy to ear witness this happening, making me fully relaxed while at the same time entertained by these tiny audio friends that live within it.

That’s it for now… and if this is all just as intriguing to you as it is for me, I have some good news: I might be able to get Houdini Mansions over for a drink and a chat soon! Hooray!

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