Rene Kita – Nirgendwie

Artist: Rene Kita
Title: Nirgendwie
Keywords: experimental avant-garde dance disco electronic electronic pop experimental electronic psychedelic Finland
Label: Magma Tones

I love Rene Kita, not as a cat or a human person of lust-interest, but his music. The things that I’ve heard from Rene Kita are fun, quirky and up my ally of experimental weirdness. This album over here will underline all the praises that I just penned down, as it’s a complete nutters fest on its own. With upbeat happiness the tracks parade by like a circus show on a mix of speed and a cocktail of surreal jolliness. You might even say that this is Rene Kita doing pop music, as these jolly Looney tunes are coming across as compactly structured to bring you instant start to finish entertainment.

They are up, vibrant and rattling like a form of excitement that you could only experience as a child when the circus is in town. The beats are pounding and the electric sounds are not taking themselves too seriously, sounding from things that are equal to mechanical squirrels towards robotic hippos with clowns balancing on their backs. It’s at times severely bombastic, at other times more cute and cuddly. But what they all have in common is a good sense of humor, a high grade personality in which the fun of experimenting with sounds.

Melodies and music in general is much more important than generating chewed out stuff that is already done a billion zillion times before. Rene Kira’s freakshow might pass by rather speedy over here, as the 8 track program as presented on this release are all of a short kind; but they are all seemingly working long enough together to get that element of excitement to rise up & I must say; to me it works better than any amount of LSD laced with caffeine! It’s crazy, but it’s also fun lovingly good! Join the show and enjoy the happy times:

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