Flatulent Swamps – pop from the swamp

Artist: Flatulent Swamps
Title: pop from the swamp
Keywords: 8bit electronic ambient atmospheric breakbeat covers fakebit hauntology lo-fi mixtape remixes soundscapes tape Smolensk
Label: Ethereal Talks

Let’s go for a visit to the Flatulent Swamps and dive into a muddy pool of poop…oh sorry, I meant to write ‘pop’ not poop, just thought it sounded more funny.. anyway, once there we can hear all the right pop structures, the pop sounds and even the pop singing; (wether it’s actually there or that it is you, yourself, all alone singing away within this feast of pop oldies) yet everything sounds as if it’s half sunken in the fluffy layers of the swamp; which gives it a bit of a weird touch and feel, but is perfectly explainable when you realize that this all had traveled through dial up radio, bringing the hits that long gone fuzzy vibe of unforgettable forgettables.

Classics like tainted love, sweet dreams, smells like teen spirit and many more all get to shine in this parade of swampy music. They are all kindly remastered by the label that is giving you them all for free; so can’t have much to complain about it. The one thing that is needed to mention is that they are covers, but like many of you who dislike cover bands -> this isn’t at all like that. It’s more like chip tuned variations with additional styles and poppy cares. A new thing that felt more like a tribute and a swampy head shaker to remember the classics, without pissing (or pooping) all over them!

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