Necromishka – The space between us

Artist: Necromishka
Title: The space between us
Keywords: ambient dark ambient dark folk industrial noise post-rock Israel

Somehow this release quickly induced some kind of sadness to my brain. A beautiful kind of sadness, so it’s not like we have to sit in a corner and cry, we can also cry in the middle for everyone to see and tell them that it’s tears from beauty. The music is emotive and a good reflection of what the picture on its front cover depicts.

It’s like a surreal decay into loneliness, a place in which we fall when being misunderstood, a waiting spot in which we sit for a faith that might not be all that sunny. But because it is able to channel these feelings so well & does do it in a way that is kind and tender, in s way making me feel that the ‘person’ going through ‘it’ must be of a kind and naive mind, someone who is too good for this world, which digs up a lot of sympathy from me & possibly from you as a potential other listener.

We can decide to hear music, the melodies, the fuzzy noises or the voices as captured within it; or perhaps just experience it all as this emotion being that is exposing its inner core of feeling of downiness. Someone who might await its faith in death row while having done the crime, or someone who is just tormented with depression, having lack of communication skills to be cheered up by a collection of joyous friends; it’s a intense dark hole that seems to be captured here within this album. Yet there is some light, it’s not all entirely doom and gloom, somehow there is a thin sparkle of hope captured.

Perhaps even this album itself might be a life saver, as even though the space of sadness that lays upon it like a thick sauce, each and every track seems to have another spin and outlook. Giving enough reason to stay alive and experience each track as a brand new experiment and experience. The one named ‘evil’ is the one that captured my attention the most, being a concrete song performed as if someone had been completely drained while creating it. It’s a light but heavily emotional album, beautifully done in its very own way.

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