Yes Selma – Assembling Them All Together Tooth By Tooth

Artist: Yes Selma
Title: Assembling Them All Together Tooth By Tooth
Keywords: baltimore experimental lo-fi singer-songwriter Baltimore

A title like ‘Assembling Them All Together Tooth By Tooth’ sounds rather extreme, don’t you think? It leaves a lot to the imagination, yet also gives any person with bad teeth some kind of phantom pain. I’m such a person and reading this title combined with hearing the actual soundtrack attached to it, made me feel sorry for the teeth that had still survived the rotting process in my mouth. Now they had to hear this album, with its sounds probably going down through my ears and nose holes (I kept my mouth wisely shut) down into their natural habitat.

Can’t say they enjoyed it lots, as that wouldn’t simply be true, but me personally I felt in perfect shape while the sounds of drastic dentistry took place. Sometimes it made me think at being in the hands of a soft mumbling psychopath who enjoys tying nylon strings to each tooth and somehow spans them tightly to a nearby door clink, plays them as a stringed instrument in a neat and beautiful way; before than when least expected, ripping them out either slowly or in a drastic pull. Both a painful process, but it is also high in its entertainment value.

I imagine Yes Selma a bit like a Ed Gein of teeth, one that once they have been pulled out in its musically sadistic ways are all carved, sandpapered and worked upon to form all kind of decorative objects. I imagine rings, jewelry, perhaps entire pots made out of victims teeth, decorative happening around mirrors, baby mobiles, or even special made dentures for the artist to wear over the one that is already in its mouth. In any case, it’s entertaining and intriguing. Oh, and you can hear it from over here:

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