Daisuke Tanabe – Cat Steps

Artist: Daisuke Tanabe
Title: Cat Steps
Keywords: drum & bass electronic japan daisuke daisuke tanabe dance experimental footwork japanese japanese electronica jungle knowmad Japan

These cat steps are lightweight and acrobatic but non less important than the ones of those peeps had when stepping on the moon. Do you believe it? Why they don’t go to the moon more often in the nowadays for another courageous space walk; so far one small step of a man hasn’t done much for humanity’s steps in the future. But that’s okay as this furry cat’s steps are much more pleasant and promising. It feels as if they had come from a braindance past and yet also have the allure to flourish in the future.

They twinkle and balance lightly over the floor with pretty rhythmic grooves and subtle melodic tints. It’s all rather cute, fluffy and cuddly. But here and there a nice courageous cat-jump that human’s simply cannot copy without breaking their ankles and hipster hips. See, anyone with a taste would go for this lovely stepping cat if they had to chose between it or a grown ass man in a space suit. No matter how furry the guy is!

The good thing with these happy go lucky bubbly cat steps is that they are so friendly, sweet and candid. With at times almost going for a cuteness overload that people of the IDM mindset would get probably quite aroused by. Even jungle steps might be not of a problem by this cat, jumping up and down with its 9 lives in a happy-go-lucky kind of way! What a joy and a pleasure to hear this in the back, feeding sunny vibes even though there had been previously some cloudy rains. Never underestimate the cat powers of paws stepping around in pleasurable musical electric delights!

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1 Response to Daisuke Tanabe – Cat Steps

  1. Linda says:

    I luvvvvvv it! Spend a few hours trying to find that catchy-organ-riff-indie-rock-somehwere-from-the-90s-or-00s and of course couldn’t find it. After the overdose of too much (mainstream) rock from the era, old memories and the frustration of still not having found that song, I jumped to the good ol’ place of refreshing sounds and this nice cat-step quickly turned me around, forgetting the frustration, just happily wanting to wiggle my tail en move the legs in all directions at the same time. No obscene moves intended, as cats could….

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