Milzenvirgil – Milzenvirgil Mysteries In V Songs

Artist: Milzenvirgil
Title: Milzenvirgil Mysteries In V Songs
Keywords: experimental avantgarde free rock lo-fi noise rock Hungary
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Hello, here is a mumbling writing about a listen experience of a send-in release. Not sure if it’s nice or that’s its grammatically a highlight, too cynical or just a bunch of baloney. But let me start from where it starts: the beginning.
There we get introduced by some rumbling on a guitar and a rhythmic drum that is nicely draped in a time frame that comes across as if it had all the time in the entire world. It’s okay to hear it, simply as it plays itself out, but doesn’t make me shiver my bones of creativity. Instead it sets up some atmospheric scene that is lengthy and maybe a bit too long for what it seems to offer.

Yes, I know that sounds a bit negative but who knows it might just not be my day, or it was all planned by the band, or perhaps something in between. The unknown rituals as they appear in the first track somehow managed to make me pass out instead of providing some kind of excitement that the title seems to imply. But who knows? Maybe that was the ultimate goal of the music? Some wizardry to fight of the sleep deprivation?

We, the secret society’ is a title that might blow the lid off a society’s alleged secrecy and points clearly to who the members of this exclusive club are. Music wise it’s in a similar costume, although coming across more awakened and compact. There was no need to go to sleep, yet being awake wasn’t very fruitful for me either. More interesting became the scene known as ‘magical & electrical properties’ here they communicate with themselves like buzzing layers that took a slow dive into a pot of distortion. It’s a bit heavy, tracing the music down the ground in a case of gravity, but towards the end gets thrown up again thanks to a nice injection of drums that seems to be on the warrior path, all laced up with unforgiving energy that is raw and earthy. It throws the cards off the table, shakes the prejudices away from the sleepy themes and replaces it by a vibe that is more close to awakening the awakened.

After a little bit of fluff the release continues with a grandly named recording titled ‘hidden symbols of noise-rock’ which seem to reveal the biggest hidden secret that the previous track had been hiding; a melody and a bold raw energy that pushes it into psychedelic delights. Still that gets quickly covered up and becomes again something that is there without all too much presence. It’s like a giant improvisation in which we don’t really know where we are going, what the direction is, or if there is a point to it all. It’s probably music that is only clear to people who are in to the known, for secret society members that do their business in front of our ears without us really being able to notice what’s going on or what it all seem to mean. It’s okay, I’ll be happy to wear a mask and wandering around with my ears wide shut while others pluck the fruits of this album of avant-garde noise rock fuzz.

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