The Space Lady – greatest hits

Artist: The Space Lady
Title: greatest hits
Keywords: pop, electronic, synthesizer

I know… I know.. and I’m even fully aware of already having discussed this lovely album over here, but sometimes it’s nice to have it ripen in the back of my head and return to it like a fine wine that has stood through the seasons to make all the flavors pop out for the best. When I first heard it I was just fully flabbergasted and surprised about its discovery through a good friend (graham Boosey) who had seen this lady perform in concert. I was fully blown away by just hearing this album so imagine how blown away his enthusiasm was, but now with the time passing gracefully and the music flourishing like a flower over time in my own memory storage system, I thought reviewing it for a second time was a nice little thing to do. It’s such a beautiful album! I repeat: beautiful!

The greatest hits by the Space Lady might contain the kindest music ever to have existed. With her hits like ‘synthesize me’ and ‘Humdinger’ she charms with her voice and sweet electronics that have that honest appeal of someone who has done a good dive in the peace and love movement to become the self embodiment of it & has managed to add a nice space alien theme to it all.

Somehow in my mind I see her as the female version of Moondog, but much more direct in her heartfelt ways. She doesn’t stand alone on some street corner dressed as a Viking; she seems to have boarded a one person UFO and travels the earth to whoever’s ears deserves her visit. We can clearly hear some people from nineties being influenced by her innocence, yet nobody seems to be able to record their honest soul as The Space Lady has managed to done on this classical record. Her voice is so warm and generously kind, she reveals all and doesn’t show any mask or unrevealing masquerade; she puts her soul on the line and make it drift on her traveling synthesizer music that sounds more human and organic than a person would usually affiliates with such electric music devices.

The greatest hits covers some beautiful covers that are performed in such a way that they are on their own entirely new life forms. She just gives it her completely own theme, her own style, sound, feel and vibe that it’s simply outliving and outdoing the originals. She sings like the patriarch of the future, innocent and wise at the same time. It’s the sound of reason and one anyone you would immediately would trust above any rockstar that has sang any of the songs before . She makes it sound so much more beautiful and sincere, even the famous song ‘born to be wild’ she manages to give a spiritual reality that is believable..

I’ve got nothing but respect for the Space Lady! Her music makes my heart melt and inspires me to be open and honest at all times and in the fields of arts! A better example of being one with your output you cannot have! If you had somehow missed out on it, you shall be grateful to hear this album with a soul and the song style that seems to be freely flying like a seagull in the sky; beautiful! Did I already said that it was beautiful? Might have to drop that word one more time to just finalize it forever: it’s beautiful! Check it out over here:

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