Furchick – Live on Blurred and Obscured with Jonathan Herweg, 8/23/2015

Artist: Furchick
title: Live on Blurred and Obscured with Jonathan Herweg, 8/23/2015
keywords: noise, experimental

Furchick’s live performance as situated and safely tucked away on the Freemusicarchive is a feast for the headphone wearing lot that needs something to slide down through their ears easily but risky. It’s not going to be soft and will possibly mark its territory in your tissue as it cuts through time, but see it as a beautiful tattoo that you could proudly show off to all the other sounds or music pieces that might fall down your ear holes. Furchick applies her wizardry in a way that the combination of mystery, pleasure and perhaps even slight pain is coming at you in such an adventurous way, that experiencing it feels like spending sufficient time in a piercing shop that you haven’t visited before & the overcoming of pure excitement that overrules the possible action of getting a skin infection.

But unlike any dodgy piercer, tattooist or other obscure beauty applier, the Furchick delivers also great care while she sprouts her sounds of getting a haircut at you. The comfortable sound of the hairdresser activity came across to me as the one similar to that of eating a apple. But the eating a apple sound becomes liquid gold in her feathers, even if she molds it into the audio version of a mechanized waterfall, she manages to make the harshness come in doses that are more exciting than the actual alchemical real thing. The hearing equipment might get rhythmically crunched upon, but this process is sufficiently processed and transformed at all the right moments, making it a doable feast of positive inner ear mutilation.

When she uses the odd tool of a pumpkin for the job, the higher beeps might become a bit to bite your teeth in, so please when this happens it’s good to have your animal friends wear special protection for their fragile ears, or face the danger of them jumping up and give you the ‘what the hell’ facial expression. But other than the higher pinches, the pumpkin work gets a neat little craving that feels as if she has been chomping away in it, before going for a more motorized way of carving! In the end the pumpkin seems to be satisfied into a pulpy pulp, sounding soft and edible, ready to be put on bread as some kind of sweet humus that oddly had left your ears changed forever.

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