Mexo – Nano

Artist: Mexo
Title: Nano
Keywords: electronic experimental abstract club pop Brazil

Oh gosh the excitement that I had when this EP hopped out of the speakers! A bit like it was my birthday again, joyful tickles of anticipation in my belly as the experimental music bits kept popping out in a energetic groove that felt like an army of on edgy friendly looneys types that had come out to recruit me personally! (to join their army of fruitcakes) was parading by. They are friendly but also clearly having psychotic psycho tendencies which made me feel straight at home among them. I jumped up and down and almost broke a hip; how glad that this music wiggled itself in to my realm of fantasies!

I followed and joined them by closing my eyes, accepting their invitation and soon I too drifted away on the marching kicks of lunacy. They called it ’10 tonnes’ and I was gladly taken away by its balance of weight and anti-weights. I felt like wearing heavy shoes while in a surrounding in which we all had been weightless; making us all able to jump like astronauts on the moon, gracefully and higher than usual yet heavy enough not to fly away into the dark nothingness. I felt like the alien carnival had arrived in town and had taken me in as one of them! What a special feeling!

Once in their midst the group took me to a serious sounding ritualistic happening named ‘Ad Astra’. It felt very grown up and mysterious. I felt touched by the experience, imagining ‘them’ lifting up stars in the sky, spreading dark glitters in the night and doing it all as if it had been a thing that they had done many times before. No grotesque heaviness, but a performance of a ancient miracle that kept itself light, magical and mysteriously pretty . To me it came across like a honor to hear and experience!

After that we had some quality off time with ‘Drown’, one in which we could fiddle among each other while lying on our backs checking out the view of the galaxy at our disposal. Of course as we lay all here, among this army of musical space warrior circus friends they became relaxed and intimate. The last bit of music that they forked was great for a moment of intimate touching, a sweet love making with this group of outsiders that had recruited me so kindly. The music touched me in all the appropriate and inappropriate ways & it elevated my senses of relief and pleasure in all the best ways! I wish I could stay forever here within this EP and it’s fantastic dream reality! It’s a exciting place in which you could be yourself among the other friendly aliens and the sex isn’t bad either! What more do you want or need? Come and invite Nano over and join the crew!

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