Revelator – #Muricana

Artist: Revelator
Title: #Muricana
Keywords: alternative alternative rock diy indie post-grunge Greenville

The pushers behind this alt rock album are persistent, they want this one to be heard and be spread around. Somehow it ended in our reviewer’s request list twice, so it would be difficult to overlook. I have heard it in the early morning, after waking up after experiencing a handful of idiotic dreams (something with people in horse costumes with actual horses riding them..and other bizarre entertainment…) the music on this release wasn’t immediately destroying my early memory thoughts, but that also might had to do with the volume that I heard it on; not very loud – just about right not to disturb any of the sleeping bed bugs that I share my mattress with.

So what is it? Is it good stuff? Is it worth the attention on a blog called yeah I know it sucks? Geez! Tough questions that I ask myself so early in the morning & answers are always a rare thing to find. In some way I believe it deserves a spot on this place, just because in some songs the edge of border liner expression goes out of the box, making it not a one in the one in a million alt rock albums, but something that is more outsider music, if you’d know what I mean. It’s not sounding at all over produced, doesn’t come across as if it’s made with thousand re recordings or as if tons of camouflage makeup is applied to smother the oddities out. It makes it more like a act of human expression than anything else.

It’s mainly the prominent voice that seems to fly around passionately that makes it different and personal. It’s not afraid to be itself and doesn’t seem to copy any of the other voices that are around, which is a nice and a good thing to hear once in a while. It’s coming across as very unpretentious, yet the music itself actually shows of a great set of quality skills. It’s not easy to keep my attention, but it somehow manages to do it by making every track different and somehow they are coming across as if they are keeping it real… a thing that I’ve always had a personal spot for.

The songs are not bad as well, at certain times I’m certainly impressed by hooks that are catchy, going in my head like candy. Like the song titled ‘a conversation with God about family’, I doubt with a title like that, that it has a change to be played on the national radio, but music wise it has that allure of a potential hit. But there are many of those songs on this album that lay good in the ear, with riffs and musical drifts that go in easy, as they are shaped in a rock theme that even me (as a non rock lover) made me bob my head in agreement .

There is definitely something about it, the combo of hooks that are good and the voice that doesn’t seem to give a damn to be seated entirely within them; standing up proudly at times like a kid that is proud to self celebrate its birthday party. High on a chair, far above the other children! But the combo of them all together, being their wonderful selves and enjoying each other’s musical companionship is a nice thing to hear. It’s good to keep things real, down to earth and passionate & that is why I understand why the pusher of this album had requested it twice. It needs to fly and find the right set of ears, cause for all the alt rock albums lovers out there, it still must be a nice relief to hear something that is actually good, honest and let’s even say ‘pure’. A needle in the hay!

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