Awyn Ayo – Heuristic

Artist: Awyn Ayo
Title: Heuristic
Keywords: dance drum & bass electronic experimental future bass badass female jungle psychedelic trippy Melbourne

Hello people! Feeling a bit lonely? Don’t worry as somehow we got stumbled upon some good companionship to hear at this day. The combo of soulful singing and electric electronics, special effects and kind sounds are seemingly out there in full force on this nice little release. They will not overrule you, but more do their best to create a nice melting pot of a audio brew that is experimental with a kind humanity feel and vibe to it. Think of the intimacy of iDM with the shadowy flavors of nineties rave music and a slight hint of Amy Winehouse & you might have peeked a slight hint of what to expect in this unsuspecting curiosity of music.

It’s a colorful arrangement and thanks to the wicked beats (that hop in at the right times), the things won’t float away without giving us a sporadically good time. We can hear the love within these tracks, but also intelligence that waves nicely throughout these songs, all nicely dancing over drum and bass rhythms and twinkling mellow melodies. But don’t think of it as a dance album, as the songs are reasonably sized, making it more like tunes for listening that has that added beat to wiggle to, than the other way around.

The intimacy of the music titled ‘personally’ that features the artist her smoky voice work with braindance style electronics are working nicely together for a creation of warm coziness, making it a personal experience that feels almost like a intimate one on one session. Her voice is as if it’s coming out of a old dialup phone, making it as pleasant for the ears to hear as the friendly crackles of a nice fire.

It’s all good for warming up from the cold and rainy days! When the same vibes gets combined with the unpretentious hit on this release named ‘watching out’ she throws in neat synthesized energy of a merry Melody and a fine dose of upbeat swinging breakbeats. It’s the one that is lengthy enough to get the legs in a twist and the head in a bliss! If this all sound as something that you might want to experience, I would point out the following link for you to click:

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1 Response to Awyn Ayo – Heuristic

  1. Awyn Ayo says:


    Thank you for your words.

    My heart feels so seen.


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