Chic Gala – 中空世界


title: 中空世界
artist: Chic Gala
label: Kitty On Fire Records
tags: electronic, toronto, cybergrind, cyberpunk, digital, hardcore, experimental, electronic, kitty, on, fire, records, neo-noise, nintendocore, noisecore, post-cybergrind, synthcore, synthpunk, we, can, put, however, many, tags, we, like, because, this, is, our, world, only, miserable, little, accidents

Now, visually speaking you may fear there is some trouble
For, to the untrained eye, one would swear they’re seeing double
But fret not friends, it’s just a duplicate review
That I send with love, from me to you

Poetic drivel aside, I have decided that in my exhausted and sweat drenched state, it would be a good idea if I went ahead and wrote a few little words that probably won’t live up to the swindler of all swindlers, of that I mean my very much esteemed cohort KN, who really ties the whole room together. I just pose as a lamp in the corner sometimes.

Truth be told, I had seent this covert transmission some days before but I had forgotten to get to it, like so many things as of late. I really need to get into gear here. Get the things moving and done or close to anyways. Then, like a leaf in the night hanging up high that then decides it’s tenebrous shackles to the host trunk are no longer of any benefit, casts itself into the moonless sky before falling onto your head and because you didn’t see it you assume a spider or giant beetle of some sort and so ensues spastic flailing and some screams and maybe a please higher power, I won’t do that again if you just make sure things don’t fall on my head again. Oh, but then I saw that the review had been done. Oh no. What is a poor caffeine addled flesh sack supposed to do? Blatant plagiarism came to mind first but then I figured eh, is that too lazy?

Ok, maybe not all that but hey this is getting into weird non sequitur tangerines. Ok, moving on to something of consequence or significance. I guess. I am sure as shit glad that I decided listen to this anyways and not give up. Chic Gala starts us off on some delicious mischievous and sinister notes that call up all sorts of fun deviant feelings, the kind of restlessness in the middle of the night that makes you wish you had gotten loaded hours before but we’re “responsible adults” now so we can’t be doing those things ever again. Still the yearnings of debauchery are high as Only Time Will Tell comes to a close.

This had been described to me as more aggressive Crystal Castles. I get that vibe. It’s totallty their own though. Raw, and then strangely uplifting, or in your face with baseball bats. MoroseCodeReader picks up the pace before getting into slightly happier thang. This is the type of shit that you just gotta let go and say “I don’t give a fuck, yes it might looks like I’m having a seizure on the freeway or on the street but trust me I’m just doing my thang, and you need to do your thang to.”

I feel if Hollow World was a person, it’d be repeatedly punching me in the face, and I’d be ok with that. Until like the next day when everything is sore and all this chaotic euphoria isn’t there. Kinda reminds me of the time I completely chewed the shit out of my cheek when I fell asleep after I had taken some ecstasy. Looked like I had my wisdom teeth pulled. Fun times. It’s so messy. It’s so good. Pretty sure my neighbors downstairs don’t appreciate all the chair dancing noises but what do I care? I’m calling it. This be my favorite track.

I’m going to take this interim to give thanks to Kitty On Fire Records. Seriously, there’s always something good, or fun, or whatever it is. Always a pleasant and welcome, if unexpected surprise. It makes me heart feel all slippery.

MagicWand comes in all in the quickness. Then some floaty vocals come on over. Ugh, it hits me right in the good times. This fuckery is doing something to my central nervous system and I don’t want it to ever stop. Absorb me, o entity of aural bliss, for I am your servant. Well shucks, looks like I’ve gone and lost meself. A slave to the soooouuuunnnnnddddd.

Cancel Out The Sun brings in this weird little distorted what I normally like to call rewound tape synth before getting into the punchy 4 to the floor beats KN was apparently fond of. These tracks just ooze out such a delectable level of not quite right and that *deep, long satisfying breaths* well I hope you feel like I do, because then you won’t need these meaningless words and you’ll really get it. That little string bass makes me wanna get down but also laugh at the same time.

Almost ritualistic low key choir comes in for AndroidsUnite. Heh, an android monstery. Now there is a thought. Subdued, an interesting turn of events. Just as satisfying as all the others before it, just in a different way. Captures the same vibe without going all balls to the walls slight melodic sonic destruction. Oooo Sonic Destruction Lite® but that’s a job for all the corporate soulless fucks. I still have part of one, so I’m going to try my wee best to not sell out. Or come up for ideas for the masters. Haha, resistance. But these resistances shall end, and so do the Android monks because their choir ends before I knows its.

Go All Night is a tad more happy go lucky. I know all about this. I had coffee at 8 PM last night and didn’t get to bed until about 4 AM. It was a fun time, until today at work. For some reason I envision some form of like automaton Beach Boys singing some song through cheap little speakers at a derelict amusement park. Peachy. Keen.

We get back into the punch. PlasticHearts brings us back into the whole thing, reminding us that we’re supposed to be dancing and that our break time is over. No whining or whinging just move your body. The vocal effects really come through on this one. Mmm. Speaking of that, the vocals have been fantastic. They fit right in with every one of the tracks, which I find, even to this day, is a rarity for electronic music. Ooo buzzy beats. And that fuck yeah i’m struttin snare.

Wind riser. Jittering and twittering about and callin it a dance. Flaminco Dance Party. Then it corrupts and twists itself from somewhat lightness to sick little suggestive progressions. I’m thinking ritual witch dances in the middle of the woods. Cuz, why not?

And time to let it all out. Videodrones carries us home with the last moments to let it all hang and swing and crash about as it creeps along our veins and gains access and control to the muscles and forces them in the somewhat rhythmic motions. Oh man, what an ending drum pattern.

Well, would ya look at. That? It’s over. I feel drained. In a good way. I could artificially stimulate myself back into action by listening to this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again but I have other things I feel I should get to like showers and another release that I will at the very least listen to.

Do you like digital? They got chu. You like tape? They got chu? You want a floppy? Well…try looking in the mirror. I’m sure you have some floppy bits. Pick it all up here!:–8


Post Script: It has been 2 days since this infectious disease of a release has taken over most neurological functions within my brain. I cannot help but laugh maniacally as I am slowly turned into an empty shell within this Hollow World


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