Army Of 2600 / D.R.E.A.M. Cancel / non-occupants – Cheap Heat Vol. 1 [FSCD33]

Artists: Army Of 2600 / D.R.E.A.M. Cancel / non-occupants
Title: Cheap Heat Vol. 1 [FSCD33]
Keywords: experimental avantgarde free improvisation noise Panama City
Label: Fork and Spoon Records

It’s a new day and time for a new walk through review for the masses. I could have stalked your day here with a chat about the weather, some nonsense about conversations between cows and seagulls, but I won’t want to waste your valuable time and chat about the music instead…

Army of 2600 starts this brand new Fork and Spoon release with the sounds of a apocalyptic arcade machine that had been facing the shockwaves at a beach while a all destroying windy storm had been going on. It sounds dramatic and satisfying at the same time. Could it be that I personally am not a big fan of arcade machine to explain why it sounds so nice to hear it being trapped in a brutal attack of bad weather? Still to my dissatisfaction the arcade machine seems to be the winner of this soundtrack, battling the storm as if it’s the aliens that had come down in a pixelated version of space invader.

The next track titled ‘The dark moon of Jupiter’ makes the lights go out, keeping the surroundings nicely dark and grim, but thanks to a buzzing bass it feels like it’s the place to be if you want to be touched with excitement. It’s not going on for a very long time, so it’s best to just hop in and enjoy it while it last. The lack of arcade beeps felt also satisfying to me; did someone or ‘something’ unplugged the electric?

What happens next is a track named MSD interlude, I don’t know what MSD stands for. My head thinks ‘massive dick’ but it’s probably more something like ms dos or some pretty bouncy game that is actually more fun to play for a nitwit that doesn’t know anything about games. It’s nice to hear as it’s all bouncy, with a bad ass bass that feels like a smooth hill that goes up and down on repeat in my stomach, making me feel funny inside my intestines.
I don’t know about you, but I enjoy this feeling.

What’s next? More personal enjoyment from my part? The tune here is called ‘heavy petting’ and is the one that will make the sound of pixel game tunes worth your and even my time. It’s as if punk has come to chiptune land to kick all the casual cheese a injection of speed and all the other happy tunes a fine run for their money. This stuff swings, is actively active in a way that it made me want to pogo around the room; that’s s good thing. I wanted to write that it’s the soundtrack to tournament super nerds with, but than again I don’t advocate violence among them.

The last Army of 2600 track feels like a gift, a flag on the pile, the cream on top of the cake. It’s loud, hissy, fuzzy, bombastic and probably comparable to a case of violent astral vomit after drinking a whole collection of toilet cleaner liquids. It’s effectively deafening, rinsing out all the stuff that had gone on before. A proper cleaning experience.

Up next is a lengthy work of D.R.E.A.M. Cancel, which might need your personal action of turning up the volume. It comes across like a sensation that feels like a relaxed avant-garde session of dreamy sparkles, lounge bits on Casio keys and a electrified wind machine that made me think of the sucking tool of a dentist hanging in someone else their mouth. There is a fluffy hint of a beat as well, all very laid back as if it’s the soundtrack used to stimulate deep concentration. Nicely relaxed while holding on to a controller and win gamer points in a machine somewhere in a seedy hotel lobby. It’s rather cute and even might make non occupiers sleep like a toddler at nap time.

Speaking about non occupants, the last track available is actually made by them. Going for a triply dose of noise music that keeps itself quite gentle, almost melodic while keeping an eye on the in-grab-able. It feels like a space trip while crawling inside the backside of another arcade machine. Stuck around the wires, electric cables and chip boards it becomes more and more abstract, as if every crawl destroys something of the machine it’s inner workings & this somehow sounds not only intriguing but also pretty much satisfying to me. It’s as if the thing itself had been reworked to gain a soul, to leave the click and shoot scenes behind and becomes all mindful and kind. Better than listening to a speech of Gandhi I believe…

In any case, this new release on Fork and Spoon is a good one, especially if you like game sounds facing the storm, becoming the soundtrack for a revolting action and a trip sensation that sounds better than the boring crap at the fancy bar with pillows on the floor. Give it a spin as it’s diversity speaks louder than my words & you probably enjoy every second of it.

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