mhz_ – Moments in Bits

Artist: mhz_
Title: Moments in Bits
Keywords: Lobit, 8kbps
Label: 8ravens
Reviewer: Leo Obit

Spending moments in bits can’t be compared to living a life that’s in shambles. It’s just so much more fun, it’s even danceable! It feels like a refreshing refresher , festive from origin without going for a high profile. It’s the moment in love, with the act of spending a favorable amount of moments within these cool bits.

These moments of spending time in bits are to me as if you are washing up your kitchen towels by hand, hanging them all wet and soggy near your ears, making rhythmic finger movements near your own fuzzy ears; while finding fulfillment and joy by listening to one of your most favorite and cherished synthesizer hits. Even the momentums of the wetted melodies that hum around in this bitsy blur feel like they have just come out from a happy cleaning session, all remade to get out as a new life that’s ready to be rediscovered and loved again.

It makes me (as a frequent visitor to these lower moments in bits) feel like I should hum and sing along in a humbling mumbling fashion. It can be felt all the way in my toes and all over the rest of my body; as if cleaning is the key to happiness and the activity to feel fulfilled in life with. Moments in love is one thing, but spending moments in bits that you love so much is simply bringing everything to a whole next level. It might be short lived, but can always be triggered for repeated hearing sessions!

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