Vr.EX01 – Vr.EX01


artist: Vr.EX01
title: Vr.EX01
tags: kids, France, pure, badassery

Oh, hell there. When did you get here? Are you well? I didn’t see you come in but make yourself at home. I just put on a pot of tea. What’s this? You don’t see a pot? You don’t see boiling? Well, my bad for trying to create some quaint little idyllic fantasy for you to enjoy. I’ll just go back and hide in my hidey hole. Sure, Ich habe meine Tassen nicht im Schrank but you don’t have to point it out. Good day.

Shattered dreams aside, I was perusing the book and it’s many Faces. The ones that are always watching and always asking, trying to get near and dear to our informations so they can sell them to well any bidder it seems really, but I digress. When lo and behold my eyes settled upon a little message that led me on a journey.

Truth be told I told the artist in question that it would take me some days to get this done (and this still might be the case I just wanted to get all the prevalent feels out before I lost them), but here I am foregoing sleep and embracing life and the passions within it. No more shall I live a slave to my corporate masters, or at least as fully as I was.

I do not know if they wish me to name them by name but they are a member of a group by the name of Eden Shoulders and this is their shoulder, I mean, it is their solo project but for whatever reason I typed out shoulder. Go figure. Immediate thoughts are a lament that I do not know most French, so I shall miss out on some potentially wonderful lyrics. Put that on another list of things that I’d like to do but don’t have much of a practical notion to go forward with. There are plenty of tracks with English lyrics but hey comprehension is nice. Maybe if I strike it rich I shall focus more on learning languages and not being a fettered American.

Wow, Caffeinate. You really have a knack for not reviewing, eh? Oh come on! I’m getting there. I’m setting the mood. FEEL MY JOURNEY. So, after some slight deliberation, I decided it would be perfect to go for a night drive whilst listening to this release. The road was already tough. A species of garden spider had made it’s web directly in the walkway. With a blinding LED I found the anchor strand and plucked it away. The poor creature can make more web though, and it scurried away once it’s net had been rent asunder. Off to the liquor store to pick up some cigarettes and away we were off.

So driving and smoking away I surrounded myself with Vr.EX01. A buzzing and wobbly stabs came in before it unleashed what I hope says “Wake up. Good morning.” It builds anticipation getting into this little groovy bass line. Then it gets into these guttural organ chords that me go unf unf unf into the night.

Vr.EX01 changes the pace many a time. It’s one of those weird and foolish dynamics one often looks for in a “successful” or “complete” artist. The ability to change (even if your fanbase doesn’t want you to) all while staying similar. Well, Vr.EX01 has that. In spades. All I can really say is that this album drips absolute badassery. From tracks that bob your head to more uplifting tones, the different moods and tones addressed are amazing, hitting all sorts of different zones. It’s also done in a way that I would describe as there’s not a lot there, it has only a few instruments per track it seems but it feels so full. Fulfilling, if I may so dare. The oxymorons are strong with this one.

Quirky, darkening, to downright sighs of contentment. I couldn’t help but think and to experience my own headspace in a much more lovely light. The duality of feeling alive whilst damaging my body with smoke. Fun times. Thinking of times and opportunities squandered but that it will all be ok as long as I stay creative and there are wonderfully creative people like Vr.EX01 about. Gives me hope, an inkling of timelessness in the morass of things having limits, and a spectre of time maybe being up for a lot of us.

A bit of a funny moment for me. There is an absolutely brilliant cover on this album. That being said, I nigh despise the original. I’ve been to a free concert in the park and they did a straight cover of the same song and well, it’s just I feel one of this bands overplayed songs. Despite my bias against the original, this cover is an incredible interpretation. There is a section where a flute comes in and my thoughts immediately went to that ukulele cover of the Imperial March, and I couldn’t help but start laughing and saying to myself in the car “I’m so sorry!” only because I am sure they put a lot of work into it and I doubt this was the intended reaction but I made the association and it was all too late.

I absolutely adore this release, so as with other ones, this is one you must experience yourself! Also, I feel I was being a bit too forced with the last few I did so decided to focus on my own feelings on this one, so there you have it. Link is down






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