R. Stevie Moore – Glad Music

Artist: R. Stevie Moore
title: Glad Music
keywords: gdfatherof modern homerecording rock r. stevie moore Nashville

I’m glad that there is music and also that there is this fine album ‘glad music’ by R.Stevie Moore.
I can’t really describe it to you, but I try. I really do. It’s nice to tell you that it has this calming effect on me, it’s mainly the man’s voice (and what he does with it) that my ears seem to enjoy so much.
I always like Robert Wyatt and somehow R.Stevie Moore’s vocal sound seem to remind me of him, yet he keeps you up your toes, places them in all different situations and song arrangements. He can sing high and up in the catchy underground lo-fi rock hit ‘I like to stay home’ or easily settles down in a convincing holy gospel with his voice doing all the vocal layers; he manages to be one of these artist that can get away with anything, as long as it’s worth the R.Stevie Moore worthiness.

It’s pleasuring my thoughts with joy when knowing the tremendous amount of musical output this artist had cooked up all through the years. If there was only time enough in the world to hear everything that Moore had recorded in a nonstop marathon form! I think if ever a super fan managed to do it, whether female of male; the fan would probably end up with a long grey beard like the singer himself. This album over here also rocks out nicely with the ‘He is nuts’ tune, which is upbeat and sharp, with tight beats, riffs and the singer howling yeah yeah yeah’s like a mouse who had just hit a cat with a hammer and had conquered the jar of cheese, invited all its spicy mice friends for a celebrative wild party! There is just something about it that sounds animalistic, yet cute-like fun!

This album also contains another personal favorite song ‘part of the problem’, it’s famous for its cool video that will amuse your eyes upon first sight. Just take a look if you haven’t had done so before:
Glad Music might be one of these essential albums in the large discography of this unstoppable prolific artist. It’s got a fine selection of hits laid out on it, like ‘why I should love you?’

..but It’s also a album of pure showcase discoveries. Who would expect to hear him doing an excellent Floyd Tillman country classic (including low voice) … it’s utterly surprising and shows Moore’s ability to be like a musical chameleon.

The last track on this album ‘the strange’ feels like it could just be easily sneaked in onto this nowadays popular thing named ‘vaporwave’, probably outliving and outstanding anything else around it as its original material, deliciously eighties and completely spaced out.
In any case, with this little touch basing on ‘Glad Music’ I would like to say ‘thank you’ to the artist & spread the word out a little bit further. If it will reach him, or anyone else is a good question, but I’m always glad to be of some kind of a help:

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2 Responses to R. Stevie Moore – Glad Music

  1. Linda says:

    I’m in love for days now… By how many more rocks have I been shielded all these years!

  2. Sir. William Maxwell says:

    Such a good album to get into RSTVM. I wonder if someone have listened to his whole discography considering all the stuff he did upload on bandcamp. I also strongly recommend recordings by Victor Lovera, Billy Anderson & Roger Ferguson.

    Also, if you have my email, please get in contact with me.

    Sir. William Maxwell.

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