Sam and the Womp – Ice cream man

Artist: Sam and the Womp
Title: Ice cream man
Keywords: ice-cream, fun, summer tune

Who is the ice cream man? Is it a person high on ice? A individual made out of ice cream, or perhaps a combination of them two? Is is perhaps a pornostar?

We had send our investigators around and they came back with the satisfying evidence that it’s something almost bigger than life; a song! Not just a song, but nothing less than the summer vibe tune that will be your best friend in the warm rays of sunshine! Even if it’s gray and raining out there!

Thanks to a upbeat icecream man like this one, it will always be sunny somehow. It’s such a joyous song with a reggae and d&b spin that will make your mouth drool for those tasty lickable things & your heartbeat speed up for a jolly dance. It is such a hottie that it might melt your heart, so better be sure someone licks it up before it had gone to waste.

It’s kindly brought to you by the joyous party people known as Sam and the Womp, who are now passionately passing out all the possible flavors from their ice cream van, throwing their edible licking yummies straight into the festival circuit & thanks to the revelation of a courageously insane brightly lid video; also to the rest of the world!

Jump on in the colorful world of all smiles, danceable ice-cream cones, good happy times at the beaches, blow up bananas, psychedelic scoops of flavor, shiny trumpets, magic hat tricks, quality dance moves, a van full of love and joy. With a brightly voice of happiness they supply good moods wherever they drive their sound out of speaker systems into the ears from ice cream lovers all over the globe.

The video created & edited by ice cream supplier Bloom and friends is a feast to the eyes, so don’t miss out and jump into this visual spectacle combined with the hit of jolly tastiness:

You can obtain the single from iTunes and other major online shops. More Sam and The Wompness at their official website:

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2 Responses to Sam and the Womp – Ice cream man

  1. Linda says:

    Up and down bouncing, dancing, ice cream seems to be the sexiest get-your-ass-on-the-dancefloor seduction since ever. I’ll go for a few scoops of coco-nuts all the way, have a lovely day! <3<3<3 (these hearts should have turned into ice creams!)

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