agnes pe – ANTS UNTO THE ANT GOD (live at MUU Galleria, Helsinki)

Artist: agnes pe
Title: ANTS UNTO THE ANT GOD (live at MUU Galleria, Helsinki)
Keywords: devotional ants chant devotional noise guestsociety networking secret societies Lleida

Not sure how Agnes Pe did it, but I suspect she somehow had shrunken herself and her audio recording equipment to go deeply undercover in a ant tribe somewhere in Finland. Her secret recordings of this trip are top notch and of great quality, bringing a upfront crystal clear sound from the ant perspective side of life.

Thanks to her hard work and effort You can hear them (the members of this specific ant colony) communicate in the previously unheard ant language, she even seems to have picked up the rattling sounds of the collective inner brain workings. The ground of sandy micro stones being dug out, the movements through intense underground mazes occupied with enough ants to steal a entire picnic basket is also cultivated here in great detail.

We can hear them at work, walking around always acting busy shoveling their tiny legs on dirty wet forest floors as well as deep down the cozy Royal queen chambers, a zone not yet recorded before, one where the workers are giving your royal ant highness a well deserved massage. We can also hear the baby chambers in which many new baby ants are being fed, educated and nurtured, but also could enjoy the regular worker ants eating, washing and even doing their toilet activities.

It makes me think of the Hollywood classic ‘Honey I shrank the kids’ as well as old fashioned cartoons in which ants are being featured as a string collective that are always working hard together in order to show off their strength of making food items (that are thousands of times larger than a single ant) disappear… these recordings by Agnes Pe are going way beyond that.

We don’t know how, but it felt as if she got accepted in the group of ants, was free to roam around and record all the happenings from upfront and close. As if she gained access to a secret society that allowed her to go where no field-recording artist, bio person or any mad scientist had gone before. Her work is available for all ears, ideal for study and entertainment purposes, so please ant-joy!

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