id m theft able – clean houses exude fear

Artist: id m theft able
Title: clean houses exude fear
Keywords: experimental avant garde experimental noise portland maine sound poetry Portland

Hi! How are you? Hope you are fine, fun and feeling good. If not; probably not a lot I can do about it, after all we aren’t any doctor of sorts & clearly do not have any special medications available here to sort things out. But we do have music recommendations! One of them is this album by the always intriguing id m theft able. Since the first moment this artist’s output had hopped into my ears I have always kept them open for it to come back and put some more audio in my head.. it simply never seems to really disappoint, he has a whole bag full of tricks and ideas up his sleeves & somehow doesn’t have a problem throwing them all out in a positive order.

This release over here is again a conceptual piece, it’s a thing that I say ‘again’ too because id m theft able seems to be one of these found artists that thrives when going for concept albums. Apparently for this album he played records on his vinyl player and grabbed the microphone and recording equipment as soon as a record would skip and fall into some glitchy groovy loop. On top of it he would improvise with his voice, fill it up with words, dada poetry, raps , vocal sounds and whatever that came to id m theft able’s mind. What can we tell from this fancy fact? Well, yes that he is excellent at improvising stuff on the spot, that he has a quick witty mind connected to his mouth… but also that his vinyl records are or rather dusty, scratchy or the needle of the player has a bit of a sensitive attitude.

He claims not to recall where the grooves are coming from, probably sailing away from potential copyright threats and other unnecessary baloney. But yes, what does that say about id m theft able? That he isn’t taking very good care of his vinyl collection? That he plays whatever he finds and can’t recall what it is because of potential unimportance? Is it because id m theft able is the best on the block, a person who doesn’t need to hear or respect anything music or audio art wise but himself? No, I believe that if he himself was recorded and released on vinyl he would have no sleepless nights if the record was scratched, dusty or croaky; he would probably also pick up his recording equipment, placed himself near the speaker and spat out another improved improvisation on the loop created by the stuck needle. That’s id m theft able; he goes with the flow & a flow he certainly has. You can hear it here on this album or his many others, but why not do it over here today:

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