Ivonne Van Cleef – Ivonne Van Cleef . 8

Artist: Ivonne Van Cleef
Title: Ivonne Van Cleef . 8
Keywords: experimental santa fe bedroom recordings drone lo-fi rural rural psychedelia tascam San Jose

A new release by Ivonne Van Cleef is always something to be wary about; will the artist spike the audio up with some delicate almost untraceable psychedelics? Or will she just plunge into your mind, require some wires and see what will happen to her dear listeners? When I plugged in, I knew that the artist had managed to slip something in that would make the head trip, but I allowed it to happen and felt quite safe in being turned into a test bunny.

It had multiple tracks, starting with one named Friends of D. Rodriguez which had this drowned out sound over it all, something that feels heavier with every moment among its midst. These friends somehow made the gravity feel more prominent in my legs, while subsequently making my head feel lightly unattached from the rest of my body. How they do this is probably as much a curiosity to me as it is for you, but let’s say that it’s the music that has made these strange happenings a possibility.

Even visiting the desert as seen through the music by Ivonne Van Cleef is a different experience than your usual cup of tea time. It is hot, indeed, intoxicating perhaps, but it’s not all too dry, making it a adventure for well willing cactus abusers that don’t want to die, but still want to have that risky trip feeling of being alone and somehow thirsty in a sandy no (wo)men’s land.

Meeting up the Chalk-Browed Mockingbird 3 is even more spicier, making it in a flowing floating experience in which modern sounds are taking the shapes of clouds and the overall style had taken the form of a warm blanket to crawl under and find comfort in.

For the last bit of music, Ivonne Van Cleef simply had outdone herself with the delivery of a Untitled outro. Something that whispers, hangs around in silence and noises, twirls kindly in a ambient atmospheric dabbling moment and feels like the drugs are working hard to make way for the road to reality… all in all, the artist keeps this release all nearly draped in a easy listenable case of druggy mystery & that’s certainly not a bad thing at all!

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