Rik Rue & Shane Fahey – Murmurs

Artist: Rik Rue & Shane Fahey
Title: Murmurs
Keywords: experimental field recordings water Melbourne
Label: Shame File Music http://shamefilemusic.com

Having some short adventures in water playing out in your ears always comes with a risk, especially if it contains dripping drops and dropping of drips… there is just something about it that when it arrives into human ears, it automatically triggers the urging need for the bladder to let it all go out. With these water adventures over here it is obvious to me that this is one of these recordings that aren’t a exception from this theme. So instead of listening it in my professionally equipped non existent music room, I’ve been hearing these recordings in the bathroom, comfortably seated on the toilet with pants down just in case urine had to go out for a team effort of splattering water collaboration.

This all sound like a lot of detail for the regular reader to be informed about, but don’t be offended by it and just see it more as a kindhearted warning. The water sounds are simply overwhelming in a calm way over here. The water sounds are very prominent, sounding like rhythmic blobs but also as if we hear the water combined with rain as if a anchored boat hobbles a bit within this special liquid substance. It’s definitely music, with the watery drops forming a melodic rhythm and the whole direction seems to be composed with a start, middle and a ending, but yes it will make you want to pee…

But if the first part of water adventures don’t do the trick for you, you might have to give it a second change when the music dives you under the water for a more intense watering effort. It’s calm and yet quite frightening to me, coming across as if we are drowning half way on the edge of the surface and the underwater world. It’s hard to breath there in real life, but apparently a microphone isn’t in need for oxygen and seems to have had no problem capturing this edgy level of water and air exploration.

The album continues with the exposure of the sea, a team effort in audio collage making by the two artists. It’s spacious and windy, leaving my hair entangled in the wind & my mind refreshed. Somehow I imagine the smell of salt in my nose, it’s just so real what these artists have captured here.the landslide and murmurs part don’t go unnoticed either, leaving me the feeling as if I had left the house, standing with some rubber boots in the mud peeking through binoculars to spot some birds. This is one of these albums that nature lovers and fans of ‘watersports’ would enjoy hearing together. So if that’s you, hop on in:

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