The Hannah Barberas – Go Go Hannah Barberas!

Artist: The Hannah Barberas
Title: Go Go Hannah Barberas!
Keywords: alternative c-86 elefant records home recording indiepop janglepop sarah records United Kingdom

Another day, another silly review, or so it seems… it’s needed as the list of requests is bigger than the Eiffel Tower & the only way to wade through it is taking it all with a wink & not too seriously. So I’m winking here like a crazy person and tranquilizing the brain cells in order to make it all happen. Here is another attempt for your pleasure;

This release starts with a track named ‘Slow Cooked’ which is one that makes me want to slip on some pajamas, wear some comfy slippers and go for a walk around with a broomstick as my pretend friend. That’s the kind of song it is… The music has such a early morning, let’s dance as if nobody is watching’ feel and vibe. With its happy clapping, old school retro sound-swing that invited my muscles to wiggle like a happy go lucky girl from the late sixties that got so out of her head that she rolled confusingly straight into the seventies…

The next tune was named ’10 feet tall’ and felt more for something to hear in the afternoon, one that is nearly enjoyed with the combo of a fancy cup of tea and a biscuit with raisins inside. The song is sung so nicely, as if it’s a tribute to mister Rogers’s neighborhood. It’s good for the children and adults alike. Even dog puppies wouldn’t have a problem with it. I guess that of course, as I haven’t solidly tested it out on dog puppies…

The last song ‘Go Go Pepper’ just adds more flavor to this EP. It’s a colorfully happy and joyous song that somehow makes me think of sunny middays with sunshine in the backyard, flower dresses on and dancing around on the grass with bare feet. Oh gosh, such a nice feeling having your toes entangled by uncut grass… I know that perhaps these descriptions might be a bit weird or odd, but this is all genuinely how these three tracks are making me feel… they all seem to be for different times of the day, yet all in that quirky joyous mood that would make a gothic person probably very grumpy upon listening. The Hannah Barberas simply have their sniff of happiness ready to make you wiggle and giggle through the magic of music. A song, a dance, a tickle here and there.. this EP is quickly done and over with, but somehow it’s effects felt longer lasting than the short lived high of inhaling laughing gas. You can check it out over here if you’d fancied that:

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