ILOVEYOU – i made this for you i think you’re beautiful

Title: i made this for you i think you’re beautiful
keywords: experimental ambient beat definitely not funky experimental harsh industrial miserable noise sample New York

ILOVEYOU: I wrote this for you, I think you’re beautiful. You, with your intense rhythmic pounding, your big sound that rings into my ears with delight… You enrich me in my life, spicing things up while deafening things down.

ILOVEYOU, You used to be inspired by a worm like virus, but now you have grown into a snake of music. You are a thing on your own; warm, psychedelic, strangely wonderful. You are sometimes kind and mostly loud…

Your tracks flow into each other as if they had been made to be as one. Even conceptual track titles like ‘the woman behind your voicemail has been dead for fifteen years’ gets a magnificent harsh ambient collage attached to it.

I’ve learned to love you (ILOVEYOU) through the headphones, but when played through speakers I tend to love you even more. You are the shining star of industrial music, definitely not funky, but groovy in your own spectacular loving way.

Listening to you is like experiencing a ritual, one of rhythmic noise, ambience and unforgiving magic. You are strong, bold & powerful. Your good sense of humor also shines through your creations, keeping the ‘scene’ that loves itself too seriously all winded up in despair… and that’s why, ILOVEYOU, I love you.

ILOVEYOU, You rattle on gradually, with your love and care the experimental genre gets a bit harder, ideal for sensation sensual conduct; love making in the abyss of pure sound and noise.

ILOVEYOU, You are like brutal ambient to my ears, fearless, heart conquering in a guerilla style. You can come and hang out in my ears any day, waving your presence all over the internet with your sharp details and spot on smooth bombastic deliveries.

Don’t feel miserable dear ILOVEYOU, you seem to be made out of the right material.
You seem to be bad and nice at the same time. A kind form of pleasure and nastiness & that’s why ILOVEYOU, I love you and I think you are beautiful…

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