Their Only Dreams – Mania From Heaven

Artist: Their Only Dreams
Title: Mania From Heaven
Keywords: alternative experimental mutant pop art neopsychedelic post-punk rock & roll Los Angeles

As if we are stuck between a broken record, with music of different kinds playing at the same time and still somehow they are still touching each others toes as if they belonged to the same foot. That’s my first impressive impression when my ears rolled into this colorful music as executed by Their Only Dreams. It had come to my attention through the composing artist itself, saying that yeah I know it sucks wouldn’t be complete without music that wore the crown of suckiness loud and proudly on their tiny heads.

He was referring to his own project and not surprisingly this was indeed Their Only Dreams. A title that immediately felt in line with the special music that immediately hopped in while checking out this inviting EP ‘Mania From Heaven’. Out of all places, heaven seemed the right place to get your manic mania vibes from & believe me or not; it was indeed intriguing. Does it suck there? Surprisingly if you think of angels being bored with harp music on top of some clouds – you would think it would indeed suck, but the instant interesting music as channeled all at once by Their Only Dreams is not sucking in that way at all.

No harps, regular cheese or whitewashed wings that do absolutely nothing.. no, this is not sucky, but It’s just different, probably ridiculed by the mass sheep of music, overlooked or simply shat upon, while actually the whole instant feel of listening to multiple genres of music playing out all at once, while still making sense, is not only pretty much overwhelming in originality, it’s also pretty much genius; all makes sense while your mind thinks that it could not make sense; does that make any sense? In the world of manic music from heaven by Their Only Dreams it certainly is!

It is like A perfect slice of pizza, ready to give you the opportunity to meet this artist and it’s odd capability to throw everything at your feet, coming from the artist’s soul as if he had been living in a excluded place on earth, while actually referring to music and society that must have influenced him to do what he does. Things like the blues, the New York passion, the brewing city that he had shoveled around his feet, a slice of pizza, the subway system… interesting interests all combined with a obviously adventurous good sense of spontaneous self spot and humor. Somehow, it is catchy, going in juicy and dry & the more you hear it; the more those toes fall into each other in a sensible way!

Mania From Heaven is actually beautiful, like a delivery from the gods that had abandoned and left any chewed out music at the door & armed their lucid hero to drop music unlike any other. With a heart, a kneadable voice that’s warm and deep, like a prophet that owns baselines, can make guitar sounds new and old at the same time, even strokes in those Angelic strings to give it a classy feel. Everything seems to work together in order to create that sound as if it had been a vinyl record that had been rotten away, hopelessly neglected in some dusty record shop, only for us delightful music enthusiast to be picked up and discovered! Amazingly discovering that it is all actually being totally new and not aged like a good wine at all! Fresh from the good heavens! Ready to be touched with your ears, as if they had been mouths attached towards your liver; how wonderful!

Alelual is there to top off the nice experience, creating a sexy sing a long that with its brilliant easy going lyrics will turn everybody (worldwide) easily into a singer. The tones of warmth that come out of the artist’s mouth are sexy and sensual, while the music makes it all up and positive. It’s like drinking your favorite drink while receiving oral pleasure at the sane time; heaven on earth that sounds warm, friendly, kind and let’s say ‘handsome’. I would say, throw your vacuum cleaning sucker in the corner and just listen to this loving mania production to feel excited like a kid with unlimited access to everything in a candy bar! Listening and discovering Their Only Dreams is not sucky at all, but not doing so and missing out certainly is! Check it out as it’s delightful:

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