Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Music for the DMV

Artist: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
title: Music for the DMV
keywords: experimental ambient classical collage electronic industrial instrumental trance New Orleans
website: https://elizabethjoankelly.com/

Melancholic electronica comes at ya, when letting the music for DMV by Elizabeth Joan Kelly into your head and mind for a pretty unusual but wonderful listening session. Before we know it, the artist sparkles out such a mysterious case of sampled abnormalities, super emotive melodies that spreads itself out like glorious soundtracks that any listener will be possibly entranced by. With rhythmic sensations, synthesizer goodness and overall warm dreamy sounds the producer had gone for original mellowness with melodies that had clearly been channeled from deep within, with emotions as the drive and music as the vehicle and the landscape.

With its lovely wink to fond retro times, the sounds are shaping emotional pieces of wonder, ones that come with brain teasing chord progressions that will delight & an overall sound that will easily charm anyone. My name isn’t Anyone, but I was certainly delighted.

While she keeps her style flowing and constant; she manages to keep no track or composition the same over here. All have their own character, approach and substance. It’s creating such a vast work in its togetherness that hearing it all feels a bit like a hypnotic session in which we aren’t the hypnotist, but the ones on stage waiting for her orders. We go where the music wants us to go!

Personal favorites on the album where the Twilight Moving Meditation’ (cause this was the moment that I felt completely surrounded and captivated in this 3D world of stereo trippery!) and the follow up track Bouncyland, which is the sparkle of energetic pureness and joy on this album. As if we had been invited to feel how happy it is to jump on a bouncy castle and just jump, have a good time and be a child once again! It’s the music of happiness, joy and no troubles on the mind at all! Sounds excellent, right?

The composition that was named ‘8 weeks’ was also pretty exciting to me, It felt like twinkling sensations, a dip of intelligent dance music that somehow made me experience the feel as if their had been a little seed growing in my tummy; can’t get more exciting than that, right?

A fine flowing track named ‘Bowl City’ is like the music for a drive through a pretty arcade game, in which we move through streets and buildings in pixelated square forms, it also captures an enigmatic moment that somehow magicked goosebumps over my entire brain. Yes, crazy things are possible over here!

Ghost in the machine will feature a prominent scream among a automobilic atmosphere, something that came across like a racing game soundtrack for he far ahead future. A fine Sci-fi drive only makes this trip more raunchier, as if we are in the pittstop with smokey running engines and sweaty engineers all working hard to get the futuristic racing mobiles back on track. You can hear them in their racing mobiles approaching and speeding by, leaving impressive marks on the racing parkour while the environment self is a epidome of excitement and readiness.

Call my number’ is the last work one this album and that was one that actually completely teared me up & gave me the final shivers. Out of nowhere the artist /composer started to sing and it was in such a tone and way that it flew straigt in my heart. Unexpected, but a beautiful ending for a honest electronic album that you should hear immediately! If you where here searching for a album that sucked, you had been fooled as this is the opposite in all it’s might and glory! Check it out over here:

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