Jason Kahn – Circle

Artist: Jason Kahn
Title: Circle
Keywords: experimental noise Zurich

When I heard these circles by Jason Kahn for the first time I felt honestly worried about the artist’s wellbeing. It seemed that oxygen had a problematic way of passing and flowing in and out of Jason’s throat. His lack of words, the long tones that had gone through squeezed longs… The only indication that it was all alright seemed to be the artist still being able to play a descent piece on a stringed instrument.

Still the sound of Jason Kahn trying to push out vocal chords through a narrow pipe in his neck felt unhealthy and intense. I imagined the artist recording with a blue face thanks to the lack of oxygen; I hope of course that wasn’t the case, but if I worked at the emergency department of a hospital and this artist came in sounding like this I would have probably made him skip the line and instantly send him through to the operation room. A place where they probably would place a mask on his mouth, do some active checkups and would eventually do all in their might to get him talk again like a normal breathing person.

Of course as a open headed music listener I understand that he isn’t suffering from suffocation, acute pain or a mental breakdown; that it is just part of the act, a touch of experimental experiments of expression, of musical art and entertainment… a expressional meal of soul food if you’d like.. but still, that doesn’t take away how worried I was for him most of the time while listening to this album.

If there was no strings, no hands and fingers playing them and just the artist’s vocal skills the album would have been a difficult listen to sit through. Luckily there are the strings attached, making it clear that this is just a case of wordless self expression and nothing really to worry too much about. Its easier said than done, but maybe that’s because I’m a carer at heart.

It’s just a artist doing its thing, tormenting himself in order of passionate expression, giving it all for the likes of us who love to hear and see a musician making its thing as if his life was literally depending on it. Intense suffering is what I would like to call it. The more the ‘circles’ go on, the less panicked I felt. Whether it is because the artist seemed more comfortable within his own shaped realm of using his voice as a instrument of passion, or that I might have getting used to it is irrelevant; but it just took time to let go of that feeling of wanting to help a fellow human from its suffering; understanding that it was just a matter of perspective and experiencing previously unheard performance art.

It’s all pretty intensive if you would ask me! If I heard my neighbor perform like this I would have called an ambulance straight away & and I’m not joking! Thank goodness that this is music and a passionate musician doing its thing and not a case for hospitalization. You are free to check and hear it for yourself over at the following link:

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