Little Penguin – Little Penguin Goes Pop

Artist: Little Penguin
Title: Little Penguin Goes Pop
Keywords: chiptune electronic chiptune experimental electronic gameboy trippy-h Brighton
Label: Loser Crew Recordings

Little Penguin goes pop, but it also goes bleep and boing boom. With this fantastic floppy diskette release all lovers of real gameboy sounds will be happily satisfied. It’s as Little Penguin gathered perfection upon its youthful beginners luck in chip tune making. While listening to these joyous childlike tunes that hobble around in this festive release you could simply feel like life is good and bright. With its fanatic loops to get your grooves on, this friendly floppy fellow will simply be the carrier of joy for the young and the old, the hairy and the bald!

You need pepper for on your egg? Little Penguin will give it to you, with a cheerful sound and a glorious good vibe & always a smile. The little friend will make everyone happy with its lovely Nintendo galore. But Little Penguin doesn’t refrain from experiment and walks on the bright side by adding a bit of stylophone to the squared square waves. What we get is more reasons to be happy and excited; steady flows that even whales should be able to dance upon. But if you are more flexible, you might even go for a full on move marathon!

The Penguin simply jams the beeps like there is no battery to die out! With spectacular star like sparkles and hard baselines the music goes from A to Z in a direct line, likable as ever and contagious like some kind of family friendly drug that you can’t really can get enough from. Oh and the love! Only a stone person should not be able to feel it, but every body else will be happy to receive these lovely vibes, wether your name is Wendy, Derrick, Amanda, Pete or something else that you like. The love is apparent in these happy beeps & my excitement for it knows no boundaries! Get your wings, paws or hands at this floppy over here:

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