Manuscripts From Beyond – The Dead Valley EP

Artist: Manuscripts From Beyond
Title: The Dead Valley EP
Keywords: experimental concept album dark ambient doom experimental psychedelic folk Oulu

The dead valley is a deadly place, the floors are obnoxiously filled with death, poisonous sand pits and orange skies of despair. But not all is dreadful as there is music to be heard. Played with a sad touch of sinister sweetness. Somehow they make the dead scene into something beautiful and miraculously hopeful. There is apparently a soothing something to the silence of no life.

Oddly there are sounds of life here, especially coming about in the form of a mysterious computerized male persona’s poetic words. Telling a story as if it came out of a old dusty book as performed perfectly at a open mic night. Still the musical scenery of death and decay seems to flourish, inspiring like a trip in the desert with no water in eye sight.

A dramatic cinematic flavor of bold raw guitar sound might come out of a surviving cactus, pointy and prickly for the ears, standing fiercely in the intoxicated grounds as a sign of sinful hope. The Deadly Valley is a experience for experts, armed with bio hazard suits and gas masks that safeguard their sanity.

Everything seems as if the time had been standing still, slow and cold hardened emotions being either burned or frozen into the concept of time. A sigh of ‘help’ can come out of the poet, dreadfully overtaken by the intensive sight that this valley has to offer. Almost as if it had been a sound made as the artist sinks away in the feeling of disaster and fear.

The voice just wants to follow the impulse of getting away from this place, this Valley that lays like a poisonous fog to the human soul. Still the feeling of hope seems to have touched the artist, making the suggestion that out of the ashes of destruction new flora and fauna will perhaps arise for a fruitful future. Amen to that suggestion suggestion within this lengthy EP, beautifully send to us and now kindly offered to you for your entertainment:

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