Dino Felipe – as: Flim Toby

Artist: Dino Felipe
Title: as: Flim Toby
Keywords: 4-track electroacoutics electronic rock ambient experimental electronic impressionist synthpop United States
label: Schematic Music Co.

Dino Felipe’s classic as: Flim Tobin is still a master piece to be reckoned with. Let’s say it’s a master piece of it’s own kind, not just a ‘kind’ but it’s of a kindest kind. With the most loveliest sounds, the ones that touch upon the sweetest melodies & caress the ears with warm love and sweet delight. It’s the creator with its electronic computer and a simple four track recorder who created all these interesting feathery beauties that are as personal as they could be.

You could hear the fanatic fantasies flowing while he went deep into the creation zone. Making a fierce amount of originalities that are surprisingly satisfying as little caring carers , mind crashingly noisy at certain times but mostly sweet hearted like cute exotic pets that you just want to keep on your lap for stroking purposes. Peace of mind is what they seem to bring and deliver, they are your friends and you could trust them more than your own behind.

Some of them are fixed on the groovy side of life, evoking the love to hook in easily within the glorious generous avant-garde adventures. They are all so lovely, so adorable and flimsy. It’s intelligent material made with sounds carefully crafted… they are all like new born babies that had been lovingly pulled out from the artist’s own womb. All twenty four of these cute baby puppies on this album have their own character, their own sense of self and identity. Together they are a concrete togetherness that is as pleasant as visiting a animal lover’s house full of your favorite pets.

All of them are adorable, jumping, sleeping, putting, rattling, giving head, doing silly walks, do pretty nifty things with wool, go for paw massages, look at you with these unbelievable eyes that you could sink your soul in… some are naughty, yet with such adorable sounds they could simply get away with anything! You just want to see what they will come up next, what they will do, how they will conquer your heart with their sense of charm and emotional support. And guess what? They are extremely loyal and await you with their acts of kindness forever here, always available for when you need them the most:

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