mhzesent – There Ye Go… (EP)

Artist: mhzesent
title: There Ye Go… (EP)
keywords: Net Label, Experimental, Hip-Hop, mhzesent
label: Terminal Station Records

it’s been an entire week without any update here, but we have come out of hiding to report to you on a neat little underground happening! There ye go… by mhzesent, freely available trhough Terminal Station Records! Whoohoo!
With its cool beats that are coming out of the coolest cooler available in underground land this EP seems to turn entire stadiums upside down. People will automatically clap simultaneously; they will bounce and wobble their head in synchrony upon listening to these fresh tunes, quite possibly making the earth move a little out of its natural orbit.

These are the speechless hip-hop goodies that are as delicate as you wanted them to be, or as in your face as you could prefer… The cute little twinkling sensations of mellow melodies, the pockets full of unafraidness, for experiment in lushfull sexiness are temptations in their own right. They all working hard not to only expand the colorfully rich discography from mhzesent, but also proofing the point that music that is free is probably much more worth anyone’s attention than anything that people would pay for.

This artist brings music that is coming out of a brilliant mind and does this as if it’s something lightweight and easy, with the material that comes across as a graceful flying butterfly who wears a fuck you hat we can get the message loud and proud; mhzesent kicks always quality ass & does it with a shoe full of love!

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