Rik Rue – A Raise of an Eyebrow

Artist: Rik Rue
title: A Raise of an Eyebrow
Keywords: experimental, Melbourne
Label: shame file music

What the f is this craziness? That was the instant thought when dipping my ears in the instant sample madness that this album seems to contain. Some kind of Japanese karate master going mental in combination with a woman yodeling on repeat in the mountains; howling cows or strange birds with a mad cow disease? I get completely aroused by the early sightings of a Frankenstein sampling release that is hilariously cuckoo and funny too!

You simply cannot contain your eyebrows as they will go up in the air from bewilderment. With each monumental track on this album they have a reason to do so. You simply have no idea what you will hear and even while hearing it; it’s such a mash up that you still can only guess about what it is that raises those eyebrows so high up your forehead. The second track for example sound as if we are in a slimy wet wave arriving at a beach infused with curious monkeys.

A track named ‘let all men be borders’ sounds as if a militant drummer had been placed in a tumble dryer and a whole fanfare band had been chopped up for hilariously drunk entertainment. Better daze sounds as if a biologist bird expert had gone a bit overboard with its bird spotting hobby, making attractive sounds to attract them which seems to work out pretty well. Strange human birds and their craziness will all eventually turn up for a successful audio mess, shouting, protesting, preaching and other specialties. In a track named ‘Making fun at tyranny’ we probably can hear the same bird loving biologist but now going through the horrible event of having to deal with the discomfort of having swallowed a duck whistle. It’s good fun for our ears, but imagine the discomfort for this person with the whistle stick in his throat.

To make it all good we are served with some lightweight waiting room music, lovingly labeled ‘lift music’ on this album. It’s the stuff to drive anyone with good taste a bit mental at the end, but that’s probably done by design; no owner f a building wants people to spend hours, days, weeks, months or years in a lift, right? The ‘cowboy click’ track makes me think of a fantastic dream that I had of ‘Moondog’ changing his Viking helmet for a cowboy hat. It’s self explanatory when you hear the tune!

Some funky dancing artistry can also be heard on the album, good for wonky days and wonky people who don’t own a single griping groove in their bones. The track then gets ripped and screwed apart by the sound of dogs on dogs, with a well spoken dog fluent in the human language speaking all over it; can’t complain that it isn’t interesting! Definitely raising my eye brows again… with a shadow of funk draped in a mysterious sound soup of experiment up next, it’s easy to say that the eyebrows can stay there, being bewildered and oddly sexed up by the smooth voice that is whispering on a eccentrically manipulated slap bass. All the way at the end we can hear another happy yet crazy day in sound waves, with lots of funny creatures that feel as if they had been captured near the beach. Can’t really explain why, but they come with a certain salty attitude in my ears, as if we stand in the mud of a island with mutated seagulls and crabs dancing around. I do not know what to say, but it’s definitely different and pretty much a album that raised eyebrows like no other!

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