Dino Felipe – Fantison

Artist: Dino Felipe
Title: Fantison
Keywords: electroacoutics experimental rock acoustic ambient electronic experimental electronic free jazz nostalgia soundtrack synthpop United States
Label: Schematic

Dino settles us down in a fantastic world where relaxing can be done as he gradually puts the world upside down, inverts gravitational powers and opens up the invisible boundaries of what your mind thought was normal. With precision he brings what’s gone forward in reverse and what was once in reverse forward. With golden lights and touched touches of love he provides a landscape of wonders, a place in which a tripped out Lewis Carrol would even feel bewildered by.

With sweetheart sounds of electric and explorative audio explorations this album seems to be the right place to hang out in. Ideal for a pretty day in nice light, soft breezes and delightful playfulness in the air. It’s a adventurous territory that is created over here, yet it feels as homely as it could be, making you a member of this environment by easily pushing you in as ‘a come as you are’ kind of way. Here you can enjoy everything being alive and nice, from twinkling sensations to tip toeing in folkish elements.

Nothing can be expected is what you could expect, from flutes to strums of strings, vibrations, noises, warm vocal bits and ringing sensations; yet everything seems to fall in one, creating a safe harbor for every ear that gets itself exposed to this work of dreams and wonders. Melodies have become one with the grid, subtle dancing dolls of children’s past play along with the odds; it’s like a entire galaxy build by Dino that makes you feel as cared and loved for as a baby swan heavenly protected under a protective parent’s set of wings.

Somehow anything that you could hear is being touched by creation, squeezed into different shapes and sizes, like a melting pot in which sounds that you might know have become new interwoven newbies to serve a brand new lovely and lively purpose. Like a blanket that consists out of a entire universe, a material so dense that you just have to go and be one within it. This galaxy of sounds is amazing and will feel like you are safe and sane, even if you are usually the far opposing opposite! Come on in and dream away on this production of creative loveliness:

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