The Corporation Killers – How To Make Songs On Open D Tuning Drunk

artist: The Corporation Killers
title: How To Make Songs On Open D Tuning Drunk
keywords: acoustic acoustic trash Australia
Reviewed by: Mr. Whisp

Im sitting here listening to one of the latest albums of
prolific artist Justin Coffman from Australia. He has several projects –
among them are Hectic Head and Slaveships of Despair. This release is under the name
The Corporation Killers. I wanna say this: He has a message with his music,
maybe the message is not intentional or it’s somehow subconcious, but with many
of his songs I feel he is saying: relax, chill out, get high or drunk, enjoy life.
Maybe we should all get a little higher in this life. Using substances or not.

Just as I type these lines I’ve finished listening to the first song “How to make music”
It reminded me of Rolling Stones in their “Sticky Fingers” era.

Second song is called “Apple Cidar”. It has a nice catchy riff to start with and also a
tambourine. You can feel the soul of the music. Some of the lyrics are hard to make out for me,
but they are sung passionately and with power. The song turns into a jam at the end – a fun one man jam.

On to some bluesy stuff – third song called Blue Blues. I like this riff equally much
as the second song. Justin sings “got the blue blues” and I almost get in the same mood
as when I listen to The Doors. This music has roots that go far back.
This open D tuning of the guitar is versatile and put to good use by the artist.

Next song is called “Luv’s Like Peas And Carrots”. What a great songtitle!
It has one chord that is played for a long time, and a good sung melody.

Justin has a powerful voice and shows it especially on the next song called
“Everyone Is Moving”. The music is recorded in a way so that even though the vocals
are powerful, they kind of remain in the background of the guitar. This is not
a bad thing, but I would just have loved to hear better what was being sung.

Next song is called “Pretty Pink (I’d Rather Stay Home Get Stoned and Pissed)”
I can only say one thing: me too! And it has nothing to do with the trendy hashtag,
but the fact that I identify with this songtitle.

Seems like Justin is having fun recording this and getting a little pissed as they say,
not angry, but pissed as in drunk. It puts me in a good mood to imagine how
he enjoyed alcohol and creating these songs.

Growing Chest is something different. Something that stands out from the other songs,
the way the guitar is played at the beginning. It’s a song about tits growing on a chest.
I like it!

I almost forgot to talk about the album cover art, which should be mentioned. It’s
a picture of Justin smoking a cigarette under some red light. Looks very cool!

I recommend this album. Especially if you want to hear something raw and back to
basics guitar-singersongwriter music. And remember: You can get it for free,
but also pay what you want!

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