Grey Pale Sinister – Chemical Destiny

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister
Title: Chemical Destiny
Keywords: ambient black metal doom experimental noise stoner Champigny Sur Marne

It’s been a long time, but Grey Pale Sinister didn’t shelve itself in to a cupboard or vanished into thin air; instead it had crawled into the snailmail with a heavyweight collection of short tracks. I could tell you about the instruments and the sounds of playing, the style etc.. but I think it’s best to express how it just feels like; beware it isn’t a happy birthday kind of collection, but more as if you opened up a pack of rotten meat and you experience tumbling down in ultra slow fashion. Let me start with the first track on this album, one named ‘Neurotoxic’ which shambles around like a bum in the alleyway, with a stench of urine all soaked up in the clothes that the individual is wearing… music wise it luckily doesn’t have the effect of being smelled through the nose; so lucky all of us who listens to this release by creepy crawler Grey Pale Sinister, the mega lord of the crazy underground.

Somnolences is the next track by this lucid character on the release, it drags around as if the legs had been paralyzed and somehow the body torso of the music has to carry it at the back, dragging itself along the gutters of the street. ‘Yellow Lethargic’ is another one of these peculiar titles of a track on this album. It also sounds even more dreadful than the others, as if the music had lost all life within it, still trying to get itself somehow to the nearest train track in order to throw itself under… dramatic stuff indeed & also quite heavy!

Green Wheathed Frog is another one of these tracks that seemingly pushes itself to the limits. It’s as if a final percent of willingness to live has energized the spine of this track, yet it will never have enough energy to dig up a hole and place itself in. It’s so drastic this release, if it was a person of blood and flesh you would probably wanted it to be placed outside the city walls so to protect yourself and your family from any horrible sights.

Metapsychotic injected drug’ is the last one on this collection of heavy material. This is no happy ending, yet it does feel more determined to accept itself and it’s miserable mission to throw itself in the nearest wishing well or on the railroad track for a splattering or splashing end; it does however seems to be a open ending; no case is closed & it sounds as if the music was even too drained to give up on life. Indeed, Grey Pale Sinister proofs to be a long standing one of a kind artist, that even though it’s music coming across like a crawling half dead corpse, it still does the trick to be fascinating!

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