Marta Sap – Live soft session Kożyczkowo 2018 Green Circles Festival

Artist: Marta Sap
Title: Live soft session Kożyczkowo 2018 Green Circles Festival
Keywords: electronic world chill chill out chillwave ethnic ethnotrip ethnotronica kalimba Gdańsk

After really enjoying ‘breaths’ by Marta Sap and revisiting this electronic didgeridoo album many times in a fondly matter, I got this incredible urge to hear something different coming out of this artist’s inventory. With a few clicks there my answer was; a live session!

I drank some wine, closed my eyes and heard Marta play. She opened up the gates of dreams, with something that sounded like a well tuned kalimba. Something that got a magical touch with the help of spacious effects that really made reality look far and surreality nearby. There I say and listened in silence, cheered with brainwaves the upcoming peacefulness that this music was providing. I sipped the content of the glass and stroked my own ears fondly as Marta Sap did her magical pling ploing sounds.

Yes, there was no didgeridoo here, something that I loved so much and got me into this artist’s realm. Yet, the same trickery of getting swept in by Sap’s talent was being played out here. She made time goes by quick and smoothly, infused it with a laid back rhythm and some last minute synth pads. She ended the trip with her voice whispering in my brain in a room full of silence. I haven’t a clue what the words meant, but it felt as if she had given a massage through the ears and that felt pretty good if you’d ask me.

I raised my glass in her honor, mumbled something like a soft spoken ‘salute’ and enjoyed the surrealistic realism that she provided afterwards. A groovy dance to celebrate, brought in a severe form of kindness with spacious sounds that might be minimal but certainly not unmissable. She added a animalistic spirit to the live set and became a mind reading pleaser by giving that well loved didgeridoo sound a feature. If I closed my eyes I envisioned myself sitting in the middle of the savanna with wild friendly lions and lionesses around me, all sipping wine in the sun on a relaxed and acceptable friendly way.

I already knew that Marta Sap is a great music maker, but her live set as capture here proofs to me that she can single handily takes your mind away on a lengthy trip that feels like a act of being good to yourself, a treatment more relaxing than aroma therapy & a groove worth to align your heartbeat with. My wine is finished but the love that this music gave me still rings through my body… so nice!

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