Intenso – The Stars Are Cold Toys

Artist: Intenso
Title: The Stars Are Cold Toys
Keywords: experimental rhodes sp404 alternative art brut art punk art rock experimental rock improvisation instrumental noise noise rock psychedelic Perth

Losing my brain while on the train to nowhere, going along with my eyes closed and the music by the Australian band Intenso up to the max. In fact I’m not sitting in a actual train, but the intenso music made me fantasize about sitting on one. Not on the roof or something, but at first just nicely on the seat like a civilized civilian. Staring out of the window like a patient traveler that enjoys the sights like it had never done so before.

However it didn’t take all too long before the music of intenso made me go through the roof all the way into the sky, floating along with the speed of the train through spacious landscapes, tripping over fields as green as the color could possible be. It would make the impossible possible and it did it I such a way that I didn’t even see it coming. Oh I wish you’d be here so we could experience this together; out of her heads and into freaking flight mode!

Exciting psychedelic music is the engine that made me not so much lose my mind; it expanded it, gone with the wind thanks to sound based lucid style dreaming. Traveling with a vast amount of speed all over these interesting and beautifully intriguing landscapes that felt like a ride of a lifetime. A outer train and body experience that only got better and better as the ride went along, becoming a rumbling brain opener that would never wanted to be closed again.

Things became bizarre in al the good ways, the train might have gone under water for a traveling tour to places previously unknown. There we could see things like ‘spiders on the ocean floor’ they became amazing sightings, seriously wonderful encounters to open up the third eye as wide as possible, makes the hairs on the human skin stood up from the pure sensational experiences. With lengthy flights of melodies the buildups became as intriguing as the original contents, washing the soup away with a perplexity full details that all made sense to head toward epic directions.

I might sound like a rambling poet on acid, trying to find words for the undisputed indescribable, but don’t blame me; blame Intenso intensiveness for taking away my mind for a amazing musical journey to never ever return to ‘normality’ ever again. A state of being in which everything gets seen through the ears and even bringing revelations of ‘false kings’ in some kind of euphoric exciting way.

This is no music, it’s a journey that surpasses any normal way of commuting. I noticed toward the end of the trip that the train had been long gone, but also the body itself had been reduced to nothing; only some kind of flowing thought I had became, one that could see and hear without the senses that are normally attached to a face.

Does any of these words make sense? Probably not when you read them, but when you go into the world that this album provides you with, it might become a bit more clear and sensible. Don’t thank me for pointing this free holiday from one self out to you, thank Australian artist Furchick for the recommendation and bless Intenso for delivering this sensational sensation! Come on, join the wonderful trip if you dare:

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