thinkthomas – Bury instrumentals

Artist: thinkthomas
Title: Bury instrumentals
Keywords: electronic experimental piano electronic piano Nottingham

I know, this isn’t about me or the fact that I had my ears wrapped in a pair of brand new headphones, but woohoo I was extremely happy and lucky to have this album by thinkthomas playing through it! It started with a track named ‘Genesis’ which truthfully made my ears fall into some kind of revelation, with full on stereophonic effects and a whole assortment of music all stuck together within one single track; it felt like a entire story full of incredible wonders, material that pimped up my believe system of fairies and other imagery all the way up to be true and forthcoming again. Does that sentence makes any sense? Who cares?!you should really check out the music on this release and check if you, yourself could make any descent sentences to describe it; it’s such a emerging masterpiece!

But back to ‘genesis’ as with ease this track brought what sounded like a whole album in less than 5 minutes, it sparkled my imagination towards glorious heights and made me realize that music doesn’t need to go from A to Z, but that anything goes as long as creativity and sensible senses are working together. Not that I had them working together, but the music certain seemed to have it all under control.

That said, The album delivers a more straightforward work named ‘Bury’ as a second track, one which comes with a nice round bass, spacious piano tinkling, a firm beat and a collage style setting to form a adventurous breathtaking adventure. It felt better than walking around somewhere in the middle ofnature, which is a thing I wouldn’t normally write or say. But common; being in the real life shadows or hearing ‘Shadows’ on this album is a easy choice! The music shimmers amazingly away in there with a warm groove, heavy bass, fingerlicking ticks and tocks, sounds that are snapping away like a lush person that is utterly cool and confinement, one that keeps an eye out for you and holds your hands as it quietly brings you toward the trippy spaced out zones of a unknown jungle.

Listening to a track titled ‘Blackshorts’ is bringing another moment in which we can get pushed into coolness that is of a Devine kind. Everything sounds kind and warm, funky, tight and playful at the same time. There is nothing here that sucks a slightest bit, everywhere it’s beautiful and wonderful over here. The only thing that breaks my mind is why this audio wonderland is called ‘blackshorts’, it might be that thinkthomas really really really loves black shorts as otherwise to drop such a beautiful track titled like this wouldn’t make much sense; what a hauntingly great world that they had created over here!

Ad Infintuum is another amazing track that completely had absorbed me so much as a listener that I had tried to listen to it as a reviewer, notebook in my hand and all that.. but instead of listening to details and penning up things to describe how it sounded like i was just on board of the music and floated away into a time continuum in which everything was perfect. I flew all the way into ‘Moon and Earth’ which also made me lose track of days, time and whatever it was that I was supposed to be doing.

It all came to a end, but not before there was a audio pleasure titled ‘Full circle’ which was absolutely stunning, with a calm sincerity, kind piano wanderings, sweet artifacts of sound, lovely choice of rhythmic sounds, lots of mystery in audio bits all working together to generate a sentiment that is utterly wonderful to hear and experience. Let’s say it’s the flag on the cake, the cream on the ice! What a great way to experience the miracle that is ‘headphones’ when you have ‘bury instrumentals playing through it! Come on, give it ago, it’s pretty fantastic!

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