Their Only Dreams – prepostmusic – Volume 1

Artist: Their Only Dreams
Title: prepostmusic – Volume 1
Keywords: alternative experimental mutant pop art neopsychedelic post-punk rock & roll Los Angeles

Their Only Dreams has this classic album laying around on the internet with early recordings… I dusted it off and pulled it out for a spin & this is what happened: I enjoyed it. What a disappointment as there is no fun when all music is all so good lately, the phrase YIKIS simply seems to sink away in the mud and a smart ass team of brainy writers should come up with a plan to keep the stench alive… oh well, just joking; it’s rather a nice surprise to have more nice music to share around here & thats why I’m here penning up a bunch of words and sentences that probably look impressive as you skipped over it, but is actually pretty much just a bunch of nonsense with a important link below it.

But let’s not entirely fall in to this trap and try to tell you a bit more about the content that was so nice to hear on this album: it started with this track that has those lyrical ‘yeah’yeah’ yeah’s that will be going into your head as if it’s some complimentary snack whose flavor cannot be brushed away with a toothbrush. The music itself felt suitable for a uniform made out of jeans, a farmer style checker shirt and a bit of hay sticking out of your mouth like a cowboy who stopped smoking and had found a cheap replacement for the act of having a cigarette in its mouth. I wanted to write ‘fag’ but realized that in some countries it had a different meaning so there ya go; it is what it is and that’s it.

Than the next track popped in, something about ‘Moroccan warfare’, it sounded pretty much as rock and roll should sounded like if I had a say in it. Somehow it felt like the title was even a hint to it, More Rock and Roll uh ‘sorry’ warfare.. hmm. It’s like the previous song a pretty ramshackle vibe that feels like it’s material that would do well on the radio if radio stations would have been around in a cartoon land as drawn up in the comic ‘lucky luke’. June in July is another title of a song on this fine album, one that sounded more drowned then the others, as if it had been recorded while stuck in some thick smiley clouds, jangling from a barn with the microphone high on some lucrative heroin. It had that reality feel and vibe that goes in like something as passionate as the old Andy Warhol favorites ‘the velvet underground’ would come up with, yet it’s not as catchy or recorded in a way that it would still service the nowadays, still pretty enjoyable though!

Bedroom instrumental international gives our ears some time off from any vocals, which is nice and neat as it gives our ears a break and our minds a chance to enjoy the music that had behind it. It’s rather happy and proud to stand so lonely in the spotlight all the way up front. The proudness and Uncanny sweetness that this music seemed to be spiced with had easily found a special place in my heart, making it one of those songs on this album that I had been most charmed by.

What was next? Oh yes! Rise and Shine, a bit of a dazed and confusion kind of song, sung like someone who was deferment to brush off the sharp bits of sandpaper and go for a sweet rusty scrubbing with a beer can as the tool of the trade. There is some really nice percussion here, as chesty hairs gets groomed and pulled out in order to deliver a early morning anthem that will leave you to snooze instead of kicking you out of bed; how kind!

Johnny Lost his Cash is of course a funny reference to Johnny Cash, music wise I heard a nice song that was sung as if there was some Deion’s pisstaking going on. The vibrato style voice and menacing way of singing felt to me like someone who walks around naked in a Johnny Cash crowd to distract the audience with some funny looking faces and rowdy butt cheeks. Of course this sight cannot bring destruction to a song named ‘magic eastern’, not that it needs it as it is seemingly perfectly capable of doing such a thing on its own. It sounds the most angry, the most rowdy and perhaps even perverted in that way; a full on dancing killer that feels as if it had been performed in a place where they have to protect bands from flying beer bottles with a small fence. It’s a rough time, one with manic guitar strokes, straight drums and the singer cutting it like a blade that had just been polished.

The miracle of rock and roll’ keeps in line with my suspicions that this is a original rock and roll album that had been side legged from the main perpetrators! This is Their Only Dreams their ‘and now I want to be a dog’ tune, a nice track that seems to invite everyone to come on stage and join the party. It’s short lived, but that’s what happens with all the good things. It is followed by Maximum Love R&B #2 which comes across like a humoritic track, one that jokingly waves the middle finger with a country style that feels all smiley, spaced out and kinda psychedelic. It made me happy as I searched the sky for potential ufos to come and pick me up.

A track named ‘Last Call’ also had a home on this album of early recordings, it is a bit louder than the others making me feel like the artist spiked up the volume to shake us up for one last time. The music is a difficult one, on one hand it feels very active and energetic and on the other hand it comes across as someone who keeps holding the break. It’s funny as after this last call it’s time for ‘I don’t really mean it’ which is quite the song, setting out strong words like a psychopath that had presumed a music career instead of going out to pursue the life of a manic murder. It’s one of those songs that you could easily feel, it’s cold as ice, hot like a fire spicy even; a neat ending of a album that I had picked up, dusted off and now placed back on the bandcamp page where it belonged, ready for you (or someone else) to check out and play again; a exchange project that is ever so kind!

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