mhzesent – endless rumination

Artist: mhzesent
Title: endless rumination
Keywords: experimental harsh noise hnw lo-fi noise torturing noise Prato
Label: Skull Dungeon

The endless rumination long play release by underground legend mhzesent has brought me back to school. Not so much in the school chairs, or among fellow school attendees, nor teachers that try to push their brainwashed brains in to yours.. no it brought me back to a specific space into the class room, to the front where the always winning old school blackboard had been placed. I’m sure modern day schools have now all interactive mega screens instead hanging there, but in the ‘good old days’ it was a blackboard with chalk that was used to write upon.

Why did mhzesent’s endless rumination made me go back to the classroom allnthevway to this blackboard? The answer is simple; it reminded me of the sheer joy of placing your fingernails on the blackboard and making scratching sounds that nobody liked, everybody got annoyed by or even gave some goosebumps from the sheer evilness that this sound instantly seems to deliver. Mhzesent brings this memory on repeat for a entire lengthy session that if it was created by actual nails on a blackboard there would have been no nails left after recording this entire session. It would make the use of a fingernail cutter redundant, but seemingly would deliver two things in one: first off all the fingernail got trimmed closely to the skin and secondly the sound of it had become a record that you could hear for a trip down to memory lane, or to terrorize anyone else their ears with. Please enjoy responsible:

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