Lafidki – Chinabot

Artist: Lafidki
Title: Chinabot
Keywords: experimental idm abstract ambient electronic asian experimental electronic London

Chinabot is the label that Lafidki runs and showcases a firm amount of artists of experimental electronic kinds from Asia with. But this is not ‘Chinabot’ the label, but a album by Lafidki that has been similarly titled. Lafidki does feature some other artists on this album, also coming from different Asian parts of the world so Chinabot and Chinabot does have something big in common. Shall we just go for a little talk through to scoop through what it is seemingly all about?

It starts with a track named ‘Mount TV Poison’ which comes down like a case of slimed gooey that streams down the staircase of a Stanley Kubrick movie. Once it’s there, it spreads itself out like a mysterious blob with gamelan artifacts and other cultural infused toxins. It’s science fiction with toe nails dipped in the past, coming at you with a mysterious feel and vibe that doesn’t easily wants to be mopped away. You can be assured that Lafidki (who is Cambodian born in a Thai refugee camp) has his roots proudly burning inside its modern body.

Onsen with Hun Sen takes on a more party kind of mood, dreamy and dazed thanks to the vocal efforts of a featured artist from Japan named Ntski & clubby thanks to a fair amount of technological techno synthesizer sounds. There is more of these synths in the rest of the album, so if that’s your thing you will be in for something that you will like.

Thai Hierontai’ slips in the slippers of experimentalism with humor and industrial movements. It comes across as if machines had come alive to bring folk music generated out of oiled up screws and rusty pipes. It becomes something that is fascinating, balancing between beauty and ugliness, between unfriendly coldness and humane warmness from a natural perspective in which robotic mechanics have been obviously programmed to have souls, feelings and indeed some sensible tact. It’s featuring the Lao artist Ayankoko.

Dokaebi (that features Chunyin from Hobg Kong) takes these techno synths to the outer max, making them fill up the ears like some kind of active laser like spectacle. It keeps itself intact to be experimental and intoxicating, with the help of almost lucid repetitions of these vibrant forms of synthesis. I’m personally not a real fan of synth sounds like these but the producer made them sound not like the latest DJ Triesto banger, but designed them to help a psycho mind to go for some kind of brightly led trip.

Moto Doppel gang (which features Samin Son from South Korea) seems to channel the angels and high spirited spirits of the holy synth based arpeggio. It features also a vocal that is totally spaced out, creating it into a electric mixing fix to create some kind of eclectic ethnic mess from a turbulent future. One that has of course flying monks, space ships making merit and temples placed on bypassing meteorites.

Khao I Dang keeps itself into the arpeggio style of synthesized music, it’s nice but also makes me want to dress up in retro NASA costumes and act as if we had actively became the age of flying hovering boards. Don’t know if you are into spacious space travels

Lath kuy also good for this futurists appeal, bringing the city sound of the future along side the more traditional things from one’s past, it features Sophie Tekla Ek from Cambodia which is always a good thing.

Last track on Chinabot is ‘Kniom Nahn’ which seems to strike a whole culture zone once again with rhythmic hammering that strikes the Asian side of the world like no other, but the artist gives this also the look and sound of something that happens lightyears ahead. It’s a reoccurring theme on this album; bringing the sound of the future while standing with knee lengths in Asian roots! Come and have a listen:

If you are interested in a life show by this artist, you should put the 3th of November in you agenda as than Lafidki will perform among other great artists at the legendary Gifgrond premises. A show that you certainly should not miss out on!

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1 Response to Lafidki – Chinabot

  1. Linda says:

    That 3rd of November is double triple circled in my agenda (nearly made an appointment by accident…) and yes, it promises to be a super packed super edition! Lafidki (and Pisitakun appearing on the same label) were yet unknown to me. Thank you for the lengthy review to check it all out. ❤

    I hope I can catch my sleep until the 3rd now :D:D

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