Psychic TV – Godstar

Artist: Psychic TV
Title: Godstar
Keywords: experimental, London

If someone would ask me about great songs, I would probably take ages to come up with some kind of special specialty list. But it’s for sure ‘godstar’ by Psychic TV would be somewhere highly praised on it, as it’s a song that once you have heard it, will simply never let you go. It won’t be washed away over time or get drowned out by other songs or music. In fact it had been haunting me for many years now, playing randomly within my imagination and memories as well as hearing and revisiting the real thing. It’s one of these special songs that cling into you like a unremovable tick that sticks its head right in and even a treatment of cotton sticks laced with alcohol won’t help to remove it.

There is just some kind of magic going on within this song, it sits in everything; the production, the sounds that are used, the lyrics, the content and the tone of voice; it’s a work of honesty that is perfectly formulated in a certain catchiness that can’t be contained and yet cannot be squished among any other chart topper. It’s the anti-pop finest pop that stands alone fierce and tall on a lonely field of nothingness. The sincerity of it all seems to me the magical element that makes it one of these songs that are so far out there that no other could stand aside without being blown away, it is standing high and dry, with that vibe that can be played at any moment & will always come at you in that authentic tear jerky way.

You can simple feel that the respectful story of Brian Jones is being told within your guts, as it takes in every word like a factual fact taken from a song that you (as a person with a heart and soul) could trust more than any documentary ever made. The love and the truthfulness that is been put on display here makes me feel the passion that had been gone into the subject like nothing else, it just touched and keeps on touching me in intriguing ways. It’s one of the songs that I believe are crucial material to true music lovers,so much so that I believe that if you haven’t had heard it it’s as if you haven’t lived. As if you have been dead, long gone under the ground, a corpse walking the earth without that experience of psychic tv at its best.

To top it over the edge of excellence, it also came with this intriguing music video which is also very much worth the visit, popping into that sincere vibe by giving it that stance of realistic realness with a additional psychedelic picnic kinda feel. It doesn’t make the song better or worse, but gave it that respectful visual element to elevate it into the realms of the ones that needs to see with their eyes to be convinced to hear this sensational track with full attention.

The song comes from the Allegory & Self album, which features quite some quality materials. From haunting sounding occultist freakiness to happy go lucky acid house; it’s a melting pot that comes with enough historical ballast for a interested collector to dive in and check out. Still, I must say that album opener ‘Dogstar’ stands proudly above all the other tracks, but it’s not unsurprising if you understand the sheer brilliance that had gone into this number. It’s been channeled to go and shimmer in a listener’s head for eternity, a fact that makes it a song that is as immortal as immortality could be.

So why this praise and love suddenly for this specific song on the YIKIS platform? Well… why not? There are only a few songs that are this strong around and even though The Rolling Stones might roll on stage in wheelchairs by now; it feels that this song is still as honest, proud and evident as it was when it came out, as it is to day! I can’t imagine a more beautiful tribute to Brian Jones than ‘Godstar’ as sung so nicely by the enigmatic Genesis P-Orridge:


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