Quimper – Perdide


artist: Quimper
title: Perdide
tags: experimental, ambient, avant-garde, diy, electronic, haunting, haze, hazy, minimal, outsider, wonky, pop, United Kingdom

This review brought to you on random pieces of paper that I found lying around my desk. All doodles were done months ago but I felt it looked nice. You might need to zoom in to read my appalling hand writing but such may be the case.


Edit: I am a rank amateur. Curse these drained brain cells. PICK UP YOUR COPY HERE https://quimper.bandcamp.com/album/perdide

P.S. Yes I doodled over the harassment sheet BUT I do take such things very seriously and I know how to act like a decent human being in the workplace and outside of it so no worries there.

PPS: Here’s that last song I mentioned:

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